Fast, simple and contact-free queue system

Our contact-free system is designed to manage the queues outside a store, virtually and without contact. We want to contribute to improve this experience and to keep a safe and healthy distance without losing our place in line. It doesn’t matter if your customers arrive on foot or by car. If they have a smartphone or not. Everyone will be able to take their virtual ticket and wait for their turn safely in their space and even in their car, during this pandemic.

Queue Management brochure  

✔  No queues
✔  Fits in 2 meter protocols
✔  Easy to implement
✔  Layout customizable

✔  Increase customer satisfaction
✔  Combination with digital window display possible
✔  The customer indicates the purpose of the visit

Onboarding options

This system is accessible to everyone. Most use it via smartphone with the ticket being issued by reading a qr code or link. Alternatively, for the population without a smartphone, with the support of the employee designated for this purpose, the ticket will be issued via SMS or name. 

Information screen / web app

The tickets are called upon a screen visible outside the store. With the contact-free system, everyone will have the possibility to wait in a peaceful line, guaranteeing their health and their turn, at this time of so much anxiety.

Back office

The back office is also a web app so you can manage it online via tablet or pc.

Prestop Queue Management

A short video to show you how this system works.

Easy to configurate

Our Prestop Contactless Queue Management Solution is configured completely remotely.

Each display or registration kiosk must be online and has a separate URL. For example, there is a separate URL for signing in via the kiosk, a separate one for displaying the queue and the porter can give visitors a number by entering them via his / her web page. The installation can therefore be done completely remotely!

Information about the number of visitors

Via the CMS system it is also possible to analyze how many visitors there have been, what the waiting times were and in the future for which they had registered. This data can also be converted into various graphs.

Customizable Player

Powerful editor to boost your creativity and promote your brand. All this for an app that better suits your corporate style.

Short animation

Future developments

Prestop is still working hard to further expand the application together with the developer. The further development of hardware is also taken into account. Such as a “traffic light” at the entrance that only turns green when the entrance is free. We will keep you continuously informed of developments through our streaming demos. So sign up today!


Digital tour

What you need to make this app work

To make this app work you need a device with a screen with an internet connection and web browser (Android, Windows, Linux, AppleTV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS). It can be a tablet, smartphone, touchscreen or computer.

More information about our queue solution

We would like to give a live demonstration of how this works. We do this from our experience center. You can request a demonstration via this form.

Queue Management

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