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The consumer, customer and visitor must be both inspired, surprised and entertained during a visit to a store, visitor center or experience center.  Prestop has the right equipment and knowledge to advise you. Visit our interactive experience center to be inspired.

Prestop products for Experience solutions

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Prestop Digital window
Digital window displays
interactive mirrors prestop
interactive mirrors
touch video walls
touch video walls
Touchscreen tables Prestop
Touchscreen tables


Omnitapps offers a unique way to create interactive experiences to present products and services. This user-friendly multitouch software, developed by the Dutch company Omnivision, requires no programming knowledge. Various applications and many configurable apps allow you to create your own interactive experience in your style and design. Display content such as photos, videos, and brochures in a multitouch environment or highlight products through one of the games.


omnitapps.com    Download the brochure   Creations Magazine

Experience cases

The consumer, customer and visitor needs to be inspired, surprised, and entertained when visiting a store, experience center or visitor center. Prestop has the right equipment and knowledge to advise and inspire you in our interactive experience center.

An experience center nowadays cannot do without interactive applications, think of a timeline, reference video wall, lobby table, kids corner and information kiosk.

Museum Magazine

To give you an impression of the possibilities of using interactive screens with software, we have included some examples in the Museum Magazine.

Museum Magazine

Exhibition & informing

Today, people are completely set on getting information through smartphones and tablets. Logically, the content offered focuses on quickly providing information with nice content, presented as photos or video. With Prestop, every exhibition can be given extra life, thanks to interactive solutions. Several museums are already using our touch tables and information kiosks. Through fun content such as photos, videos, and additional texts, the visitor can go on a journey of discovery. Immersed in the world of art, technology or commerce, the information one wants to see at that moment is displayed entirely as desired.

Museum Magazine

To give you an impression of the possibilities of using interactive screens with software, we have included several examples in the Museum Magazine.

Museum Magazine

SiteKiosk for displaying your collection

If you are searching for an effective way to showcase your collection, SiteKiosk provides the perfect solution. Whether you want to display shoes or any other collection, SiteKiosk offers a user-friendly interface for an immersive experience.

On your website, visitors can easily navigate through the different products. SiteKiosk's intuitive design and interactive features allow users to explore different categories, view product details, and even make purchases if desired. With a simple touch or click, visitors can delve into the unique features and styles of the items in your collection.

Secure browsing on URLs you choose

SiteKiosk provides a secure environment for visitors by keeping them within the Van Arendonk website. It minimizes the risk of visitors navigating away to external sites or encountering unexpected content. This way, you can maintain control over the content displayed and ensure targeted and uninterrupted interaction with your collection. 

In summary, SiteKiosk is an excellent solution for presenting your collection. Its user-friendly interface, extensive product offerings, and helpful staff assistance ensure a memorable and engaging experience for visitors. By using SiteKiosk, you can effectively display your collection in a secure and controlled environment.

Welcoming & wayfinding cases

Our interactive solutions are perfect for providing digital hospitality and assistance to visitors and customers at various locations such as companies, events, or museums. They can be used for registering attendance, providing directions, and offering assistance in an interactive way. With the help of a reception column, visitors can easily log in and their data is stored for further processing. Moreover, our touch tables with interactive maps help visitors navigate through the location and find their destination with ease. The interactive map shows the visitor's current location and the best route to take.

Welcome and inspire visitors video

Welcome and inspire your visitors

(Built-in) Touchscreens, mirrors, and interactive video walls

Prestop has a wide range of touch technologies available in-house, including IR, Metal Mesh, PCAP, Glass Touch, and Ultra Skin. We work closely with leading manufacturers of touch technologies, such as Displax and Pqlabs, to enhance these components. Additionally, we collaborate with specialized glass manufacturers to provide tempered glass for touchscreens, including anti-reflective/anti-glare glass and anti-fingerprint coatings. Our unique offerings also include the production of interactive mirrors using mirror glass. Furthermore, we offer touchscreens in unconventional formats, such as long stretched.

Prestop producer custom built-in touchscreens
Built-in touchscreens
Prestop producer custom longstretched touchscreens
Long stretched
Prestop producer custom interactive video walls
Interactive video walls
Prestop producer custom interactive mirrors
Interactive mirrors

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