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Self-checkouts for the hospitality and retail industry

Prestop provides high-quality custom self-checkouts for businesses striving for efficiency and customer convenience. Our talented designers work closely with you to create a unique design that seamlessly integrates the scanner, printer and PC, similar to traditional standard cash registers.

In addition, we offer the ability to transform some of our standard models of counter-order kiosks into self-checkouts, which not only allows for customization but also ensures cost-effectiveness and fast delivery times. Discover the benefits of our solutions and strengthen your business performance with Prestop's innovative self-checkouts.

Self-checkouts as a solution to staff shortage

Retail staff shortages are a growing problem that poses challenges to retailers. In this context, self-scanning checkouts are increasingly considered a valuable solution. These automated cash registers allow customers to scan and check out their purchases, reducing the need for human checkout assistants.

Self-checkouts' benefit is that they increase efficiency and reduce customer wait times. This allows retailers to deploy staff in other areas, such as customer service and inventory management. In addition, these checkouts can contribute to a better customer experience because customers are in control of their own purchasing process.

Although some concerns exist about job losses, self-scanning checkouts can provide new opportunities, such as technical support and maintenance of the systems.

In short, self-scanning checkouts can be a valuable solution to addressing the retail staffing shortage, and they have the potential to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. It is essential that retailers consider implementation carefully and take full advantage of the benefits of this technology.

Primera self-checkout
Wibra self-checkout
Self-scanning checkouts Prestop at supermarket

Well-thought-out design and technology

Our self-service checkouts have a well-thought-out design so that the pin terminal, barcode scanner and receipt printer are easily accessible for service and maintenance. Prestop self-service checkouts are available with a touch screen from 21" to 32", in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Prestop self-checkout pin terminal

Self-service checkout in your style

If desired, we can supply the self-service checkout kiosk branded with your company logo. We will gladly help you with the design of the stickers on the kiosk and the interactive content.

Prestop self checkout

Software integration of self-scan application is essential

A good connection between hardware and software is important. Our extensive experience makes us happy to support you with the software implementation for the self-service checkout. Don't have your own software? Then we are happy to find the right software for you.

Prestop self checkout
Prestop self-checkout kiosk desk

Full-service project

hardware | software | installation | management

Prestop is at the forefront of the development of self-service checkouts. To this end, we work closely with partners such as Adyen, CCV, Worldline, Rabo Smart Pay, and Pay.nl. This also enables us to offer contactless payment options, such as payment by QR code.


Link with a pin, scanner or printer?

A PIN entry device must always be linked to a webshop. To this end, we can provide a Payment Service Provider (PSP) API. As soon as the link has been made, customers can pay familiarly using their debit card.


A barcode scanner or printer also needs to be linked to SiteKiosk.

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