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Innovative Express Check-in Kiosks for More Efficient Aftersales Processes in Automotive Industry

The Automotive industry continues to develop and innovate to offer customers the best possible service. An essential part of this is optimizing after-sales processes and offering complete transparency and digitalization to customers. Personal customer contact is still a high priority, but new technologies make it possible to do this more efficiently.

Express Check-in kiosks are an excellent example of an innovation that can help the automotive industry progress. Recently, Prestop, in collaboration with RAP Media, delivered four of these kiosks to the Terwolde Renault group in the northern part of the Netherlands. In this article, you can read more about how these pillars work and their advantages for customers and the workshop.

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Digital Check-in via Express Check-in Kiosks

The Express Check-in kiosks allow customers to quickly and easily check in their car digitally during their visit to the workshop. This saves time and makes it possible to reduce waiting times at the service counter, especially during busy mornings and afternoons. The process is simple: the customer authenticates himself with his license plate number or e-mail address and can then use a secret code to leave the key in one of the lockers in the same locker kiosk.

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Fast Key Issue and Efficient Work.

Another significant advantage of the Express Check-in Columns is faster critical delivery. The mechanic receives immediate notification that the key has been received and can use a QR code to retrieve the key from the locker and start work immediately. This ensures more efficient work and faster service for the customer.

Design and Production of the Kiosks

Designed and manufactured by Prestop, the kiosks feature a 27" touchscreen and a 27" signage display. RAP Player software controls the top signage display, while the locker software comes from Claire Automotive.

Express Check-in Kiosks are an innovative solution for more efficient Aftersales processes in the Automotive industry. They offer both customer and workshop benefits. Customers can quickly and easily check in digitally, while the workshop can work faster and more efficiently thanks to faster key issuance and new technologies. Not surprisingly, more and more companies within the industry are implementing these pillars to improve customer service.

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Express check-in kiosk keylocker in action

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