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We offer innovative, interactive high-end touch solutions to the European market from our headquarters in Son en Breugel in the Netherlands. Prestop has built up a reputation in interactive media and are proud that our clients include powerful international brands. We're here for anybody who wants their presentations, activities and interactions to have as big an impact as possible. What makes us the experts in this sector? Since 1993, we've been working in this sector and we don't hold back from constantly working on new software and hardware developments. We guarantee that our solutions will wow users while bringing in interaction and valuable data. From the moment our collaboration starts, we offer unrivalled support.

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by more than 25 years experience.

Mission Prestop


Prestop's aim is to make touchscreen technology accessible to everyone. We do this by both leasing and selling technology, and we undertake to offer solutions that go above and beyond our clients' expectations. Our mission is to stay the market leader in interactive technologies and software, with our customers at the heart of everything we do. With Prestop, there's no need to ask whether the technology is state-of-the-art. You can always assume it is.

Vision Prestop


We believe that consumers, visitors, users, children and staff won't accept screens that aren't interactive anymore. We all know how touchscreens work, and we all want to be in control. Our vision doesn't limit touchscreens to monitors, though. It has to fit seamlessly into the interior and work inside, outside, or in an industrial hall.

Value added manufacturer Prestop

Value added manufacturer

Prestop stands out in the market, because we're not only a producer. We also collaborate with clients, and their software and IT partners if they have them, to make sure the hardware, software and infrastructure work at their peak and stay there. We manage that. We test everything. Nothing for you to worry about. So buy or rent from Prestop.

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Interactive Live Stream

You are always welcome at the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe, but for now only via remote Skype, Zoom or Teams connection. Via more than 16 webcams we will let you watch live demos given by the presenters at a safe distance from each other. Our product managers stream along with you from home to answer all questions live about the more than 60 interactive solutions. Solutions that can be deployed during this crisis, but of course immediately after.

As soon as possible, you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center which is located at Ekkersrijt 4611, Son en Breugel.


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