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Prestop has been providing innovative, interactive high-end touch solutions to the market since 1993, from Son en Breugel in the heart of the Brainport region. Our company has gained a reputation for its exceptional product design, production, and installation services, which have earned us many prestigious international brands and a large group of (international) resellers as clients. Whether you want to present, activate or interact with your audience, we are here to help you achieve the maximum impact. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are experts in our field, continuously innovating, prioritizing sustainability, and circularity. Our solutions are guaranteed to create wonder, interaction, and valuable data.

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Mission Prestop


At Prestop, our goal is to make touchscreen technology accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we offer both leasing and selling options, and we are committed to providing solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. Our mission is to remain the market leader in interactive technologies and software, with our customers at the forefront of our focus. At Prestop, you can always assume that our technology is state-of-the-art.

Vision Prestop


We believe that consumers, visitors, children, and employees themselves want to remain in "control" when viewing information. Our vision is that the (touch) screen does not need to be in the form of a monitor. It has to fit "seamlessly" into the interior and environment, inside, outside, or in an industrial hall.

Value added manufacturer Prestop

Value added manufacturer

Prestop is a company which invests heavily in innovation, testing new developments, and its staff. We understand that not everyone is equipped to handle complex installations, which is why we offer our services to resellers and partners. We take on the responsibility of examining whether the application is suitable for the desired equipment, supporting the implementation of an API, making cable diagrams, and visiting locations beforehand. Moreover, we provide equipment for use during the application development, test it beforehand at the location and provide training so that our clients can be confident in their ability to use it. We believe in taking care of our clients and making their lives as easy as possible.

Eneco HollandseWind certificate

100% green electricity generated in the Netherlands

Prestop's commitment to sustainability is evident through the Eneco sustainability certificate it received in 2024. The Eneco HollandseWind certificate confirms that Prestop utilizes 100% green electricity generated entirely in the Netherlands, thereby aiding in reducing CO2 emissions and supporting sustainable energy production in the country. Our use of green power is expected to result in approximately 49,400 kg CO2 savings compared to traditional gray power, equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 1,976 trees in an average year.



Omnitapps is a package developed entirely in-house by subsidiary Omnivision. It offers a unique way to create interactive experiences, to present products and services. With this user-friendly multi-touch software, you don't need any programming knowledge. For interactive kids corners and our kids table Omnivision has developed Omnitapps games.

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Subsidiary company Omnivision was set up to develop the package Omnitapps and support purchase and rental customers in making configurations. Of course, the employees still do this. However, the set-up of Omnitapps made it possible to develop applications that offer a total solution with the hardware produced by Prestop. For example, the Bottle Your Own application of Heineken was created, the door selector of Intergamma and various applications where RFID, DMX/KNX, and other techniques are applied.

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With Sitekiosk, publicly accessible internet kiosks, touch tables, order kiosks etc. can be protected against unauthorised access to other sites. Sitekiosk.nl has been set up to give you insight into the standard and custom-made solutions that Prestop offers.

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cleanroom production touchscreens

Prestop manufactures touchscreens

Prestop has its own cleanroom that is ISO 5-certified for the production of touch screens. This allows us to manufacture touchscreens in any desired shape or size, whether in large series or as single pieces. By using our own touchscreens, we're able to repair them ourselves, and even recycle them after years of use. At Prestop, we highly value circularity and sustainability. By producing everything in-house, we eliminate risky transportation and are less environmentally harmful. The quality of our touchscreens is guaranteed to be better, thanks to our cleanroom, which is officially certified every three months.

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Interactive Experience Center.

Prestop has the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe. You are welcome in our showroom, at Ekkersrijt 4611 in Son en Breugel, where we can show you all our solutions.

Prefer online? Our specialists are happy to walk through our Interactive Experience Center with the iPhone with Zoom. Live images are shown and you can ask questions directly from home/work.

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