Present, inform and work together with a touch table.

Our touch tables are a unique way for the interactive exchange of information in which the experience is literally central. A touch table can be used by several people at the same time and is ideal for displaying floor plans, circulating a slideshow or as a digital kiosk. Let your visitors play a game on the table: a great activity in any place. There are various models of touch tables: from a fixed arrangement to a version in which the height and position of the screen can be adjusted.

New! Object recognition touch table

The object recognition touch table is the combination of leading-edge design with brilliant multi-touch technology. It allows multiple people to communicate and share content at the same time. From retail to corporate, and from healthcare institutions to museums, it is a great solution that suits in any environment.

Object recognition combining both the physical and digital world

Empower your products and services by combining both the physical and digital worlds, including object recognition. The 3.3 mm thin 55” touchscreen provides crystal clear images and a smooth, pleasant touch. With 100 touchpoints and up to 6 objects at the same time, this is the ultimate object recognition table. Besides the table being robust, the objects do not need a battery, so it’s very durable as well. 

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For every occasion 

Our touch tables are offered in the form of coffee tables, children's tables, touch tables with a fixed base and as an adjustable version. You can use your own software, or choose our Omnitapps software. 

Prestop design touchscreen table

Functional and aesthetic

We work with edge-to-edge glass plates, made of 4-6 mm thick tempered glass, without a frame. These are made in-house using PCAP technology. Cables are concealed, as well as the PC. 

Prestop touchscreen table with edge-to-edge PCAP touchscreen.

Easily electronically adjustable

We can deliver your touch table pre-installed, ready to use, at a location of your choice. The impact of a touch table on the audience is as great as the service we offer. 

Prestop touchscreen table height adjustable

Touch tables in different versions.

Prestop tilting touchscreen table

Height adjustable & tiltable

An ideal viewing angle and optimal ergonomics can be achieved with a tiltable touch table.

Prestop fixed touchtable municipality Etten-Leur


A fixed touch table is ideal to use with more people at the same time, standing or sitting around it. 

Prestop built-in touch table Karwei


If a touchscreen is built into a piece of furniture, it becomes part of the overall experience. 


With a foldable touch table, transport is made easy and you are no longer dependent on one location.

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Prestop now has a shop for products that can be delivered quickly.
Several touchscreen tables can be delivered within 3-4 weeks and second-hand products can be delivered immediately.

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How are you going to use the touch table? Our top 3.

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Touch table

With an touch table you can have a discussion with multiple people about videos, images or other content. This way you promote non-verbal communication.
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Mood board table

With the mood board table you can collaborate, present, draw, create a mood board and share data with colleagues and clients efficiently, effectively and interactively.
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Kids touch table

Personalise your own kids touch table. This kids touch table comes with our Omnitapps Games, which you can use to customize the games.
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Object Recognition Touch Table

The Object Recognition Touch Table is the combination of leading-edge design with brilliant multi-touch technology. It allows multiple people to communicate and share content at the same time via TAGs. From retail to corporate, and from healthcare institutions to museums.
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Presentation Table

Present, draw, inform: the Presentation Table brings interactivitie to every envoironment. Ideal for at a showroom, trade show, event or in an office.
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Complete a touch table with software.

The application ultimately determines what can be done with the touch table. Our specialists can provide appropriate advice on using software on a touch table. In most cases Windows is used to display software or an application on a touch table, but sometimes we use Android or Chromebox. The control system is chosen depending on the possibilities and limitations because we want to be sure that everything works 100%. 

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Create a unique touch table.

Prestop has all the expertise in-house to design and produce touch tables in the most special shapes. We stand out because we do not restrict ourselves to steel, but also produce touch tables in stainless steel, Corten steel, polyester, Corian and MDF. With special built-in touchscreens, also called chassis, we turn an ""ordinary"" table into a unique touch table. 


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Prestop produces most tables in steel. The steel housing can be powder coated in almost any desired colour.

Custom touch table Cosalux

Stainless steel

With stainless steel you create a durable and robust touch table with a design or industrial look. 

Custom touch table Openlucht museum


We turn a wooden piece of furniture or an antique table into a unique touch table.

Round table municipality den bosch

Round table

A custom made round touch table. We like to design a unique touch table.

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