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jumbo self-service kiosk

Optimizing customer experience with Prestop's Luminant kiosk

In the bustling Jumbo Mulder store in Beilen, Mr. Mulder introduced a cutting-edge ordering solution – the Prestop Luminant Kiosk. This innovative addition is strategically placed in the coffee corner, offering customers a seamless and efficient way to place orders for fresh sandwiches, coffee, tea, and an array of delectable snacks. Drawing inspiration from the convenience akin to the Hema style, this Luminant Kiosk boasts a generous 27" touch screen complete with a built-in scanner, ATM functionality, and an efficient receipt printer. Notably, this user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with the SiteKiosk app, specially crafted by Jamezz ordering software, ensuring that customers can remain within the confines of this intuitive ordering platform without any inconvenience.

Enhancing the customer experience

Streamlined ordering process

Introducing the Prestop LuminantKiosk has revolutionized the ordering process at Jumbo Mulder. Customers no longer need to endure long queues or engage in a tiresome wait to place their orders. Instead, they can swiftly navigate the user-friendly touch screen to select their desired items and place their orders easily. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

Customization and convenience

One of the standout features of this self-service kiosk is its ability to facilitate personalized orders. Customers can easily customize their sandwiches, specifying their choice of ingredients, toppings, and condiments, ensuring that they receive a meal tailored to their preferences. This level of customization and convenience is a key factor in customer satisfaction.

jumbo self-service kiosk

A relaxing dining experience

Immediate seating

With the introduction of the self-service kiosk, Jumbo Mulder has effectively addressed the issue of limited seating. Customers can now place their orders and proceed directly to available tables to await their freshly prepared meals. This seamless transition from ordering to dining enhances the overall comfort and satisfaction of the customers.

In conclusion, integrating Prestop's self-ordering kiosk at Jumbo Mulder in Beilen has significantly improved the customer experience. Jumbo Mulder has positioned itself as a leader in providing a convenient and enjoyable shopping and dining experience by offering a user-friendly interface, advanced technology, and a comfortable dining environment. With the kiosk, customers can expect streamlined ordering, customization, and a seamless transition from placing an order to enjoying their meal. This innovative solution underscores the commitment of Jumbo Mulder to meeting the evolving needs of its valued customers, setting a new standard for customer satisfaction in the retail industry.

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