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(Key)Locker kiosks for Automotive and Retail

Prestop supplies smart issue systems/vending kiosks for use in car dealerships, retail, hotels, airports, and train stations, among other places. These dispensing order kiosks extend opening hours and relieve counter staff. 

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Express check-in kiosks: Efficiency in the automotive sector

Express Check-in kiosks are a pioneering solution for more efficient after-sales processes in the automotive industry. They benefit both customers and the workshop. Customers can now quickly and effortlessly check in digitally, while the workshop can work faster and more efficiently thanks to rapid key dispensing and advanced technologies. Not surprisingly, more and more companies in this industry are using these locker kiosks to improve customer service.

Locker kiosk available in different configurations. Number of lockers and signage screen

Personalized locker kiosks for your specific needs

Our locker kiosks are fully customizable to your particular needs. Choose the number of lockers and type of locks that suit your purposes. Personalize the signage screen with your branding for a unified look. Secure, efficient, and customized for you.

Discover our flexible locker kiosks

Want lockers that fit your situation perfectly? Our locker kiosks are fully customizable, from the number of lockers to the type of locks. Configure them the way you want.

Branding and customized information

Reinforce your branding and share important information with a customized signage screen. Add your logo, colors, and branding elements for a professional look.

Safe and efficient

Our locker kiosks are not only flexible but also secure and efficient. High-quality materials and advanced security ensure the protection of belongings, while the management system allows easy management.

Choose our locker kiosks for customization, flexibility, and functionality. Contact us today for a solution that meets all your needs.

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Locker kiosk available in different configurations. Number of lockers and signage screen

Locker kiosks without applications, but with the right connections

Our locker kiosks are supplied without a corresponding application. Specialized software companies provide these specific software applications. However, we are ready to put you in touch with these companies. This way, you can find the perfect software partner that seamlessly fits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you in finding the right software solution for your locker kiosks.

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Innovative express check-in kiosks optimize after-sales processes in the automotive industry

The Automotive sector continues to steadily evolve and innovate, all to provide customers with the most outstanding service. A crucial aspect of this includes streamlining after-sales processes and offering complete transparency and digitalization to customers. While personal customer contact is paramount, new technologies enable us to achieve this in a more efficient way.

Express check-in kiosks revolutionize the customer experience

Express Check-in kiosks are an example of innovation that can significantly advance the automotive industry. In the northern part of the Netherlands, the Terwolde Renault Group has already successfully integrated these kiosks.

Efficient digital check-in via express check-in kiosks

The Express Check-in Kiosks allow customers to easily and effortlessly check in digitally when they visit the workshop. This not only saves time, but also reduces waiting times at the service counter, especially during busy morning and afternoon hours. The process is simple: the customer authenticates himself via his license plate number or e-mail address and, using a special code, can then leave the key in one of the lockers within the same locker kiosk.

Smooth key delivery and streamlined operations

Another important benefit offered by the Express Check-in Kiosks is smooth key issuance. The technician receives immediate notification when the key has been checked in and can retrieve the key from the locker via a QR code, and then begin work immediately. This approach ensures more efficient work processes and faster customer service.

Innovative kiosk design and production process

The design and production of these cutting-edge kiosks are in the hands of Prestop, and they are equipped with an impressive 27" touchscreen and an equal-sized signage screen. Control of the top display is provided by RAP Player software, while the software for the lockers comes from Claire Automotive.

Watch a demonstration of the features below!

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Prestop locker kiosk

Express check-in kiosk key-locker

Vending kiosks

Prestop delivers smart vending kiosks for application in car dealers, retail, hotel, airport and/or train stations. These vending kiosks extend the opening hours and relieve the counter personnel. Our kiosks are suitable for key distribution and return, sales of products such as souvenirs, cleaning products, earplugs, tools, etc. Together with a partner, we supply these unique kiosks as well as distribution systems consisting of a touch screen, signage and lockers.

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