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Order kiosk hospitality/QSR

Our order kiosks for food corners, QSRs, and unstaffed shops are specifically designed for these environments. They can be equipped with a receipt printer, QR/barcode reader, and payment terminal. 

QSR point of sale

QSR POS order kiosks: fast and efficient self-service. Order, customize and pay with ease. Shorter waiting times, fewer errors. Ideal choice for QSRs.

Prestop order kiosk payment terminal POS

Cash register link

Prestop provides links with payment terminals of many companies such as Adyen, Worldline, CCV, and Pay.nl and cash register links with, among others, Rabo Smart Pay, Oracle, MplusKassa, and Gastrofix.

evolution 22 inch desk order kiosk

Grab & Go

The kiosk solution can be equipped with a barcode scanner. This way, guests can scan and pay for their products themselves without needing a cashier!

Lorenzo ice cream parlor semi-outdoor order kiosk Prestop

Create a unique ordering experience for your guest!

  • An ordering kiosk leads to an average of 25% more turnover
  • Increase the average spending per guest significantly
  • Ensure more efficient use of personnel
  • Add an eye-catcher to your business
  • Reduce monthly costs
  • Avoid long and confusing queues at the counter
  • Generate extra income through upselling and cross-selling
  • You will achieve these goals with the Prestop order kiosks

You will achieve these goals with the Prestop order kiosks.

Prestop is the manufacturer of your QSR point of sale

Prestop order kiosks are available with a 10", 16", 22", 24", 27" or 32" touchscreen in both portrait and landscape orientation. The finishing of our touch screens is unique. By placing the monitor and barcode scanner of the order kiosks entirely behind glass instead of built-in, you get a complete glass front. This makes the kiosk very easy to clean/maintain, perfect for in the hospitality and Quick Service Restaurants.

Besides the hardware, Prestop also supplies, together with application specialists, the order application and the cash desk connections with, among others, BORK, Lightspeed L, Lightspeed K, Untill, Gasttrofix, MplusKassa, MrWinston, Trivec, Nuvopos, Twelve, Vectron, Cashdesk, NCR Aloha, GreePOS, Oracle, Micros, and VJA Software.

Fully customizable order screen

Corporate identity | upsell | coupons

Fully customizable

The kiosk solution can completely adapt to your house style from a standard design. Everything can be adjusted to fit your style. Edit images, screensavers, layouts, gifs, texts, and colors to suit your business! The first step is to import all images and texts (we'll be happy to do this for you). Afterward, you manage your content, like prices, images, stock, and visibility times.


It is also possible to create a custom design at an additional cost!

 Discount vouchers

The solution has handy functionalities such as creating and redeeming discount vouchers, order management, etc. All this can be arranged from the simple back office.


Related products can be linked to the products so the consumer is informed about them. Also, when a customer goes to the checkout page, if, for instance, only coffee is chosen, the apple pie can be offered or vice versa. 

McDonald's kiosk, 30% more order value

McDonald's has proven that their order kiosks are the future of (self-service) restaurants. A self-service kiosk can result in 30% higher order value, customer satisfaction, shorter queues, and more. Prestop's rollout for smaller food chains and our continuous rollout of Domino's kiosks proves that the food sector has adopted kiosks.


In the back office, which you manage yourself, choosing different languages is possible.

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Discover our standard order kiosks for hospitality, QSR, and unstaffed stores.

Our self-service kiosks for hospitality/QSR are fully customizable

Own designs

Our kiosks are designed and produced in-house. They are modular and, therefore, easily adapt to your house style. They can also be equipped with Verifone, Worldline, and Ingenico payment terminals, among others. This makes it possible to pay with a pin and contactless such as iDEAL, Pay by Link, Payconiq, Apple Pay, and payment via QR-code.

Optionally, a scanner or RFID reader can be placed under these payment terminals, and the kiosk can be equipped with wheels and (RFID) trays.

Of course, you can view the order kiosks and applications in our showroom or through a live video streaming demo.

Payment solutions

Prestop is at the forefront of developments in order kiosks, self-service kiosks, and interactive payment solutions. The Payment Service Provider links we support include CM, Six Payments, Stripe, Paymentsense, Mollie, CCV, Worldline, 2 Checkout, Cikam EMS Payments and Pay.nl.

wall self-serivce kiosk order kiosk

Back office

In own management

The back office is the big portal behind all your applications and deserves its place on the list. As a user, you log in from any device via the online portal and efficiently manage everything yourself.

o Accessible from any device
o Manage products and menus
o Set up your up-sell and cross-sell
o Add photos and adjust layouts directly
o Optimize using the extensive reports
o Generate unlimited QR-codes
o Import your checkout database
o Create your discount codes


Under cases, you will find some of our references at food corners, Quick Service Restaurants, snack bars, pizzerias, food trucks, canteens and restaurants, among others. Some of these setups, including those of Domino's, Shell, and Wok to Go we can demonstrate to you live from our Experience Center via a streaming demo. Of course, you can also visit us. We are happy to share several more references with you.

See our cases of order kiosks QSR and food



An order kiosk for QSR is an advanced self-service kiosk where customers can place their orders at a Quick Service Restaurant.

Customers can easily select their desired items, make adjustments and complete payments through the order kiosk's touch screen.

Order kiosks reduce wait times, minimize human error, create upsell and cross-sell, and improve the customer experience by enabling fast and efficient self-service.

Order kiosks for QSRs are available from €2,050 (our action kiosks will already have a PC). Normally there are additional costs of components such as a printer, scanner and PC. 

Different SLAs are possible, depending on your needs. These can range from basic technical support to comprehensive maintenance contracts with fast response and recovery times.

Yes, we design our order kiosks with an intuitive interface so that customers can easily navigate the menu and place their orders without much effort.

Yes, order kiosks can be customized to meet the specific needs of your QSR, including menu and branding, to provide a consistent brand experience.

Yes, many order kiosks also support pickup or delivery orders, allowing customers to select the desired option during the ordering process.

Yes, order kiosks are equipped with secure payment systems that meet required security standards so that customers can safely pay for their orders.

Yes, order kiosks can improve operational efficiency, reduce staff costs and increase revenue, making them generally a cost-effective investment for QSRs. Contact Prestop for specific ROI information.

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