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Prestop order kiosks now at all RCN Holiday Parks locations in the Netherlands

Monday 03 July 2023

In the dynamic world of hospitality, it is essential to innovate and strive for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction constantly. One of the latest developments contributing to this is order kiosks. This innovative technology has found its way to RCN's vacation parks in the Netherlands, thanks to the implementation of Prestop order kiosks.

An improved guest experience with Prestop order kiosks

To take the guest experience to the next level while increasing the efficiency of the ordering process, Bork HorecaJamezz, and Prestop collaborated for RCN Holiday Parks. We have implemented Luminant order kiosks with a barcode/coupon scanner, a receipt printer, and a guest call system with coasters in all RCN vacation parks in the Netherlands. This advanced technology enables guests to place and pay for their orders efficiently and quickly, without staff intervention.

The Prestop order kiosks allow guests to order their desired meals and drinks at leisure. Jamezz's intuitive interface makes it easy to explore the menu, adjust orders, and submit special requests. In addition, the order kiosks offer multilingual support, allowing international guests to order effortlessly.

Prestop order kiosk RCN vacation park

Efficiency and time savings for catering staff

By implementing order kiosks in RCN's vacation parks, guests and the catering staff benefit. Because guests can place their orders independently, the workload on the staff is relieved. This allows them to focus more on other important tasks, such as preparing and serving dishes and providing excellent service to guests.

In addition, the automation of the ordering process results in significant time savings. Orders are passed directly and accurately to the kitchen and bar, reducing waiting time. This results in faster service and satisfied guests who wait less for their orders.

Future-oriented innovation in the hospitality industry

Implementing Prestop order kiosks in all RCN vacation parks in the Netherlands illustrates RCN's future-oriented vision. By investing in advanced technologies, such as order kiosks, they remain at the forefront of the industry and set the standard for hospitality and efficiency.

This innovative solution responds to the changing needs and expectations of guests. In an era where speed, convenience, and personalized service are paramount, order kiosks offer a valuable addition to the hospitality experience. They not only ensure satisfied guests but also a smooth and efficient business process.

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