Turn your shop window into a digital point of sale.

With a window touch solution you can make a store 24/7 available to your customer. On the inside of the window, Prestop assembles a monitor with a PCAP touch foil. This turns the window itself into a touchscreen. The visitor standing in front of the window can make full use of the offered content. This way you can easily extend the opening hours of the shop. 

Vandal proof

The technology is safely behind glass. When you close the door of your shop, you are assured that your message will stay in the picture.

Highly visible

Depending on the incidence of light on the window, Prestop provides a screen with a brightness that ensures that the image is always visible. The ultra-brightness variant is even easy to see with direct sunlight!

Digital Window Display Prestop

Smooth touch technology

The window touch solutions are all smooth and instantly operable. Prestop guarantees a smooth user experience, even with window glass between the user and the monitor. 



Now in the shop and quickly deliverable

Prestop now has a shop for quickly deliverable products. The window displays on stands are deliverable in 3-4 weeks while the occasion screens are directly available.

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How to use a digital window display?

Three custom-made variants are available for use in the display window, behind a glass wall or in a shop-in-shop.

Contactless Interactive Shop Window

This solution works with contactless buttons that register hands nearby. In this display window, objects such as watches can be placed with a screen in the background that can be operated by you.
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Contactless interactive poster

This solution works with non-contact buttons. The sensors register when a hand is near the buttons, thus displaying the correct content.
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Digital window display / abri totems

The digital window display, also known as abri totems, can be made both single-sided and double-sided and are usually provided with a high brightness screen (depending on where you want to place the kiosk).
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Digital window display

The digital display screens are often processed in a furniture, so that these fit into the shop interior and branding. Often narrowcasting screens are built-in the rear.
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Interactive window

We make interactive shopping windows with touch foil, AIRxTOUCH technique or Pqlabs glass touch. That way you can continue to provide information 24/7.
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Digital poster display

We have a number of technologies that can be used to make digital displays interactive. We can also supply this screen with custom made casing and speakers.
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Content and touch applications for digital windows display 

With the help of our standard application Omnitapps, our Creations department is able to develop touch applications that can be operated by touching the display window. For digital signage or narrowcasting, the content management solutions of the display manufacturers or the Brightsign solution are often applied. Of course you have the choice to work with your own narrowcasting partner/advertising agency. As a value added manufacturer we like to offer you the right support and we like to work with third parties. 

Customized digital window display.

Experience starts with the display window. A digital window display turns a someone who passes by into a customer. This window is not limited to displaying moving images, but can also be operated interactively. The user can also illuminate products and hear a sound through window speakers. A person can be detected by means of a sensor, after which a sound attracts their attention. 


Request customization


A digital poster or digital window display must fit into the shop image. Prestop designs and produces housings in the house style and makes sure that cables and connections are out of sight. Attention is also paid to the back of the display.


To make the display window or shop window interactive, Prestop offers three different solutions which can also be tested at Prestop. Double or single glass, the touch application, the size of the screen etc. determine the choice for the right touch technology. Our product managers will be happy to advise you. 

Window speakers

Window speakers are mounted against the inside of the window. This makes the sound audible to anyone who stands anywhere in front of the display window. A motion sensor ensures that the sound starts when a passer-by approaches. In this way, attention is drawn and someone who passes by turns into a user.

Control with DMX

Light, sound, movement and smell. With the help of an interactive display window, almost all senses can be stimulated. In Prestop's Interactive Experience Center you will find examples of how we can bring an optimal experience with this control system. 


Depending on the size of the display window, the screen and the cleaning options on the inside of the window, we offer various mounting options, such as ceiling and floor mounting and a mobile arrangement.


In order to ensure that the PCs are always accessible in the event of any defects, Prestop recommends that the PC/players should not be placed behind the digital display window posters. Using extenders, the image and touch over Cat 6 or Fiber can be extended up to 300 meters. The PC or player can then be set up safely and easily in a separate room.  

Digital window display for Boots

Digital window display for Boots

Digital window display for Boots pharmacy Utrecht.

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