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Video: Bakker Bart has the Evolution 32-inch scoop

On Monday, June 26, Bakker Bart opened a brand new store in the newly built Rijnstate building, the new hospital in Elst (Gelderland). It is a special location where franchisee John Macleane will be in charge. At Bakker Bart, hospitality and service are paramount and visitors can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch moment. At the Rijnstate branch, even more roles are played. Bakker Bart acts as the waiting room for patients, the canteen for hospital staff and the caterer for site-specific events. Of course, the branch is "the Bakker Bart in your neighborhood," where people can go for a wide selection of freshly prepared goodies at affordable prices.

You can easily order from a wide range of options using the two Evolution order kiosks provided by Prestop.

Evolution order kiosks in practice

Prestop's two Evolution order kiosks have an impressive 32-inch screen and include everything you need in a bakery. They use high-quality software from S4D, including a barcode scanner for coupons, a receipt printer and even a holder for license plates!

With the spacious 32-inch screen, the order kiosks provide a clear and uncluttered interface for customers to place their orders. S4D's advanced software provides a smooth and intuitive user experience, where customers can easily navigate the menu and select their desired products.

Barcode scanner and receipt printer

The addition of a barcode scanner allows coupons and discount codes to be easily scanned, allowing customers to take advantage of special offers and promotions. In addition, a receipt printer has been integrated into the order kiosks so that customers receive a printed receipt immediately as confirmation of their order.

Number sign holder

A convenient feature of the Evolution order kiosks is the license plate holder. This allows customers to sit down in the restaurant after ordering, and the order is brought to their table in no time.

In short, with Prestop's Evolution order kiosks, the bakery leverages all the modern technologies to provide customers with a seamless and convenient ordering experience. From the large 32-inch screen with its convenient barcode scanner and receipt printer to the number sign holder, these order kiosks are designed to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Watch the grand opening of the Bakker Bart with our Evolution order kiosks here



Watch the grand opening of the Bakker Bart with our Evolution order kiosks here

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