Take your message outside with an outdoor kiosk.

Outdoor kiosks offer interactive communication in exactly the right place. Whether you're using the outdoor kiosk as an information point, a help desk or a signpost, the options are limitless. Outdoor kiosks can be made without touch features depending on their intended use. The casing is resistant to vandalism thanks to a steel box, strong locks, and 6 mm-thick hardened glass. The outdoor kiosk works in temperatures of -20° to +40° C thanks to its intelligent cooling and heating system. And of course, they're resistant to rain too. The (interactive) uses are limitless; these kiosks can be anything from an information point to a fully interactive wayfinding solution! 

Not linked to a location

Information and interaction come together, anywhere. Text, photos and videos can be presented to the user, interactively or otherwise.

Prestop outdoor kiosks

Durability guaranteed

Rain, wind and sunlight will not damage the outdoor kiosk. The outdoor kiosk is resistant to vandalism, heavy use, and will still perform in almost any circumstances.

Prestop outdoor kiosk

Stand alone design

All you need to make the outdoor kiosk kick into action is a power connection. The Prestop outdoor kiosks work stand-alone, and have all the hardware they need to run installed.

Prestop charging outdoor kiosk

Outdoor kiosks in a range of designs.

Prestop Wall outdoor kiosk


No space for an outdoor kiosk, but still want to hang a display on the outside wall? You can do that with our wall unit, with display or touchscreen features. 

Prestop outdoor kiosk landscape


When the situation or content displayed needs to be shown in landscape rather than portrait format, this is possible.


The free-standing outdoor kiosk comes with a high-brightness display or touchscreen. The outdoor kiosk can be single or double-sided.

Prestop outdoor kiosks duo


An outdoor kiosk with two displays for optimum visibility! Displays on the front and back. Content can be switched or set in a way that each display shows different content.

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How will you use the outdoor kiosk? Our top 3.

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Interactive charging terminal

Interactive charging terminals not only allow tourists to charge their bikes or phones, but also search for tourist and route information. All outdoor kiosks include this option.
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Tourist information kiosk

Show tourists information that matters to them with the tourist information kiosk. This includes news, activities, history of the area, and cycling and hiking routes.
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Weighing kiosk

The weighing kiosk speeds up the weighing process in the waste industy. Drivers can weigh shipments themselves at the weighing kiosk. Prestop is collaborating with Pieterbas on this project.
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Complete a weighing kiosk with software.

Use the outdoor kiosk as signage or as an interactive solution; the application determines what can be done with the kiosk. Our specialists can offer tailored advice on how to use the software on the outdoor kiosk. It doesn't matter whether the device is run on Windows, Android, or through a Chromebox. We look at the options and restrictions so we're certain that everything works perfectly.  

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Put together a custom outdoor kiosk

Prestop has all the expertise needed to develop and produce the most unique outdoor kiosks in-house.  We stand out as we don't restrict ourselves to steel; instead we also create information kiosks from Corten steel and inox. 

Whatever its uses, and whatever your wants and needs, you can add options like a barcode scanner, light sensor, RFID reader, speakers, webcams, USB ports, WiFi antennae, 4G routers and branding to your kiosk. 


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Corten steel Outdoor Kiosk Prestop

Corten steel

Corten steel makes your outdoor kiosk look rusted. Great for monuments, parks or public spaces.

stainless steel outdoor kiosk Prestop

Stainless steel

Stainless steel outdoor kiosks are sustainable and resistant to various weather conditions, and are therefore especially suited to outdoor use.

Madurodam outdoor kiosk Prestop


Some outdoor kiosks are made of steel, depending on their intended use.

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