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Sheltered outdoor ordering kiosk at campground snack bar in the Netherlands

Monday 07 August 2023

Discover the most delicious pop-up food experience at Camping Bakkum! Enjoy delectable snacks, fries, and more, available to feast on the spot or to take away. You've also come to the right place for a blissful cup of coffee, cake, or a cozy drink. From the terrace, you can view the renovated meeting square, where children can play to their heart's content. Inside, the joint offers a warm and homey ambiance, perfect for a cozy atmosphere.

Here they have had an order kiosk of the Luminant series since opening this year. Read more about this trendy kiosk here.

Convenience for camping guests with a self-order kiosk

The Luminant semi-outdoor is a special variant of our Luminant series. It has two screens with extra high brightness and can withstand both more heat and cold due to built-in fans and heating elements. The kiosk also has a scanner for coupon codes and a receipt printer. The ordering kiosk allows guests to customize their orders. Whether it's dietary preferences, allergies, or specific requests, Prestop's covered outdoor ordering kiosk allows guests to customize their meals according to their preferences. This leads to higher guest satisfaction and a greater likelihood of repeat visits.

Prestop semi-outdoor order kiosk self-service kiosk

Increased efficiency for business owners

For restaurant owners at campsites, Prestop's covered outdoor self-order kiosk offers an efficient way to manage orders, Kennemer Duincampings has also discovered. It reduces crowding at the counter, minimizes order errors through Jamezz's ordering software available in three languages, and speeds up throughput. Jamezz's software runs on our secure browser SiteKiosk. This translates into smoother operations and greater satisfaction for both customers and employees.

How Prestop's covered outdoor ordering kiosk works in a Restaurant Tent at a campsite

The covered outdoor ordering kiosk can be strategically placed in the restaurant tent at a campsite, as we did at Bakkum Bites, where guests have easy access. With its additional LED lighting, the Luminant stands out and invites guests to walk up to it. Guests can view the menu, customize their orders, pay, and chill in the cozy tent while waiting for their orders. The system then sends the order to the kitchen, creating a streamlined and automated ordering experience.

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