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Rabo Smart Pay and Prestop order kiosks

As an entrepreneur, you continuously respond to developments in the market. You open new branches or place an order kiosk within your store to improve the shopping experience for your customers. The payment behavior of your customers also changes.

They want to pay how they want: at the counter, on the terrace or via an order column. Then it's important that your payment solutions move with them.

A great case of this is at the BroodjesBus.

Why Rabo Smart Pay?

Rabo Smart Pay is a total solution for all your payments. From debit cards in your store, through an online checkout in your webshop, or on the road with a RaboSmartPin: with Rabo Smart Pay you choose the payment solution you want for every point of sale. Moreover, you always have insight into all payment flows in your different branches.

For example, if you want to expand your business with an order kiosk from Prestop, we will jointly link your Rabo Smart Pay for you and you can receive payments directly. This way Rabo Smart Pay moves with you and you can easily respond to developments in your business or your customers.

The benefits of Rabo Smart Pay

  • Insight and overview at a glance
    Easy insight across your different outlets, your physical store(s) or your web shop.
  • Get your money in faster
    Your money always in your account within one day, regardless of how your customer pays.
  • Never miss out on income
    All PIN solutions and worldwide most used online payment options at your disposal.
  • Arrange everything with a single master contract
    You put your signature once and then you can change and expand as much as you want after that.
  • Easy integration with Prestop order kiosks
    Prestop unburdens you by working with the right software partner to handle the entire setup and installation.
  • To learn about Smart Pay and an order column from Prestop, make an appointment today using the contact form below

What are the costs of Rabo Smart Pay?

The use of Rabo Smart Pay is free of charge. However, you do pay for the products you purchase within Rabo Smart Pay, such as debit card and online payment solutions. Look for the costs here:

Rabobank product pages.

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