Rent an information kiosk.

Want to offer your visitors a unique and informative experience at a trade fair or event, without high investment costs? Then rent a Prestop information kiosk. Interactively convey a message through presentations, videos, photos, and entertainment. The customer navigates with a fingertip through the software and makes his or her own choices about what is interesting for him or her. Our solutions are well-thought-out, both in hardware and software and provide activation. If desired, we can rent out the kiosk with your own company logo. Our creations department helps with the design of the stickers on the kiosk and the interactive content.


Reach a wider audience 

An information kiosk works like a magnet. You offer visitors a unique and informative experience. Activation in the form of games on the kiosk is possible thanks to our Omnitapps4 software.

The same service, also with rental 

The service that Prestop delivers with a rented kiosk is just as good as with a bought kiosk. We guarantee that everything works just as it should. Success guaranteed!

Buy for less after renting

Did you like renting the information kiosk and want to buy one? Then we will deduct part of the rental price from the purchase price!

Discover our information kiosk rental offer.

How will you use the information kiosk? Our top 3.

Would you like to see all applications of information kiosks? Click here for all applications and solutions.

Internet kiosk

An internet kiosk can be connected to the company, lobby, reception hall or public intranet network. Prestop offers a range of models and can advise you in suitable software.
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Survey Kiosk

Quickly want to measure the popularity of a product or service? Things like: Who has the best stand? Who gives the best performance? Measure it with our Survey Kiosk. A satisfaction survey is also very easy to set up.
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Information kiosk

An information kiosk draws people like a magnet. Rather than throwing out information, the information kiosk means your visitors can request information themselves. Activation through games on the kiosk is available with our Omnitapps software.
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Complete an information kiosk with software.

The application ultimately decides what can be done with the information kiosk. Our specialists from the Creations department can advise on which applications are suitable for an information kiosk. It is also possible to install your own app on the kiosk or to apply the kiosk as an internet kiosk in combination with SiteKiosk. 

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