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Connect the user to an information kiosk.

Making your message interactive is the best way of taking it to the public. An information kiosk makes your message active and interactive. Information and entertainment at your fingertips. An information kiosk is always a crowd pleaser. Whether for a business presentation, showing photos and videos, requesting a brochure or playing games: a Prestop information kiosk always makes its users smile.

Sophisticated design and technology

The design of our solutions is sophisticated both in terms of software and hardware, and activate their users. With standard screen sizes of 10" - 55" available in portrait and landscape, there are so many touchscreens to choose from.

Prestop design information kiosk

Your information kiosk, your way

On request we can deliver a branded kiosk with your logo. Our Creations department can help design the branding on the kiosk as well as the interactive content.

Prestop branding information kiosk

Our software is very ease to use

If you don't have your own software, just use our Omnitapps applications. Choose your apps and set them to meet your requirements. Activation through games on the kiosk is also available through our Omnitapps software.

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Prestop now has a shop for products that can be delivered quickly.
Eminent information kiosks can be delivered within 3-4 weeks and occasion information kiosks can be delivered immediately.

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How will you use the information kiosks?

Donation kiosk

With a donation kiosk you can let visitors donate an amount of your choice. The transaction runs safely and quickly via the pin terminal. Ideal for charities or if you want people to sponsor a project.
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COVID-19 self test

In the self-test, various questions are asked to determine whether it is wise to enter the location further. The application is set up in such a way that it can be adapted to the house style. It is also possible to expand or modify the questionnaire.

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Industrial Kiosk

An industrial kiosk is completely dust and watertight and equipped with a PCAP edge-to-edge touchscreen. Suitable for production facilities and (dusty) industrial environments. Also available in stainless steel, for the food industry. And expandable with extra options.
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Internet kiosk

An internet kiosk can be connected to the company, lobby, reception hall or public intranet network. Prestop offers a range of models and can advise you in suitable software.
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Self-service information point

A self-service information point can be displayed in a public area of an airport, lobby or lobby, also as a registration kiosk. Expandable with a barcode scanner, microphone, speakers, webcam or video chat. Prestop is happy to recommend suitable hardware and software.

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Loyalty card kiosk

At loyalty card kiosks, visitors to a casino, shop, fitness center or gym can register, collect points and/or print off coupons or discount vouchers.
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Product selector kiosk

A product selector kiosk can help customers or staff to make the right choice. The product selector can be an offline app, or a protected website.
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Selfie kiosk

Happy faces, and a great way to generate traffic and leads! The selfie kiosk draws in visitors of all ages. Users can send their selfies to their own e-mail address, print them, or see them on a website. The selfie kiosk is available to rent or buy.
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Digital reception kiosk

The digital reception kiosk is an easy-to-use doorway to your company. You have the option to include a built-in microphone and speakers instead of a telephone handset.

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Menu kiosk

A digital menu lets users browse the menu digitally, watch videos, and make bookings if they want. You can also allow customers to order using the kiosk.
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Taxi order kiosk

The taxi order takes the pressure off the people behind the counters, cuts waiting times, and lets travellers directly contact a reliable taxi company.
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Survey Kiosk

Quickly want to measure the popularity of a product or service? Things like: Who has the best stand? Who gives the best performance? Measure it with our Survey Kiosk. A satisfaction survey is also very easy to set up.
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Touch pen dispenser (M)

The touch pen dispenser (as a separate unit or integrated) provides a touch pen without contact.

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Create the perfect information kiosk.

Prestop has all the expertise needed to develop and produce the most unique information kiosks in-house. We stand out as we don't restrict ourselves to steel; instead we also create information kiosks from polyester, PS rigid foam, Corten steel and inox.

Whatever its uses, and whatever your wants and needs, you can add options like a barcode scanner, voucher printer, movement or light sensor, privacy film, keyboard, wheels, cash machine, card reader, RFID reader, speakers, webcams, USB ports, DMX controller, bumper bars, WiFi antennae, 4G routers and branding to your kiosk.


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inox steel information kiosks


Most Prestop kiosks are made of inox or steel.

Corten steel information kiosks

Corten steel

Corten steel makes your information kiosk look rusted. Perfect for vintage and industrial settings.

HI-MACS corian polyester information kiosks

HI-MACS / Corian / Polyester

If you want a unique information kiosk not made of steel, polyester is perfect for large shapes.

integrated hardware information kiosks

Integrated equipment

Almost all Prestop kiosks can include a number of options.

Privacy filter

A privacy filter makes sure the user has to stand right in front of the screen to be able to see it.


A Prestop information kiosk can be branded or wrapped.

Disinfection information and order kiosks available now!

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Prestop has the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe. Also now you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center, at Ekkersrijt 4611 in Son en Breugel. We also give digital tours via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Via more than 16 webcams we let you watch live and let you "walk with" our specialists through our Interactive Experience Center. The images are shown live via multiple camera positions and you can ask questions directly from home. Questions about our interactive solutions, but also how we see the future. Solutions that can be used immediately during and after this crisis.


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