Connect the user to an information kiosk.

Making your message interactive is the best way of taking it to the public. An information kiosk makes your message active and interactive. Information and entertainment at your fingertips. An information kiosk is always a crowd pleaser. Whether for a business presentation, showing photos and videos, requesting a brochure or playing games: a Prestop information kiosk always makes its users smile.

Sophisticated design and technology

The design of our solutions is sophisticated both in terms of software and hardware, and activate their users. With standard screen sizes of 10" - 55" available in portrait and landscape, there are so many touchscreens to choose from.

Prestop design information kiosk

Your information kiosk, your way

On request we can deliver a branded kiosk with your logo. Our Creations department can help design the branding on the kiosk as well as the interactive content.

Prestop branding information kiosk

Our software is very ease to use

If you don't have your own software, just use our Omnitapps applications. Choose your apps and set them to meet your requirements. Activation through games on the kiosk is also available through our Omnitapps software.

Multitouch software for information kiosks

Information kiosks in a range of designs.

Prestop wall kiosk

Wall model

A wall model is the perfect solution with a touchscreen that can also have a scanner attached.

Prestop height adjustable information kiosk

Height adjustable

Let your users set their preferred hight electronically on the height-adjusting information kiosk Stand.

Prestop information kiosk fixed


The most popular kind of information kiosk.

Prestop totem Karwei


A slim, solid info kiosk. Particularly suitable for covered shopping centres and showrooms.

Discover our information kiosks.

How will you use the information kiosks? Our top 3.

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Information kiosk

An information kiosk draws people like a magnet. Rather than throwing out information, the information kiosk means your visitors can request information themselves. Activation through games on the kiosk is available with our Omnitapps software.
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Internet kiosk

An internet kiosk can be connected to the company, lobby, reception hall or public intranet network. Prestop offers a range of models and can advise you in suitable software.
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Make an information kiosk complete with software.

The application determines what the information kiosk can do. Our specialists can offer tailored advice on how to use the software on the information kiosk. It doesn't matter whether the device is run on Windows, Android, or through a Chromebox. We look at the options and restrictions so we're certain that everything works perfectly.

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Create the perfect information kiosk.

Prestop has all the expertise needed to develop and produce the most unique information kiosks in-house. We stand out as we don't restrict ourselves to steel; instead we also create information kiosks from polyester, PS rigid foam, Corten steel and inox.

Whatever its uses, and whatever your wants and needs, you can add options like a barcode scanner, voucher printer, movement or light sensor, privacy film, keyboard, wheels, cash machine, card reader, RFID reader, speakers, webcams, USB ports, DMX controller, bumper bars, WiFi antennae, 4G routers and branding to your kiosk.


Request customization

inox steel information kiosks


Most Prestop kiosks are made of inox or steel.

Corten steel information kiosks

Corten steel

Corten steel makes your information kiosk look rusted. Perfect for vintage and industrial settings.

corian polyester information kiosks


If you want a unique information kiosk not made of steel, polyester is perfect for large shapes.

integrated hardware information kiosks

Integrated equipment

Almost all Prestop kiosks can include a number of options.

privacy filter information kiosks

Privacy filter

A privacy filter makes sure the user has to stand right in front of the screen to be able to see it.

branding information kiosks


A Prestop information kiosk can be branded or wrapped.

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