Increase sales with an order kiosk.

Boost your turnover with an order kiosk or webshop kiosk on the shop floor! Offering card payments on the kiosk makes it easier to place an order straight away. Prestop has the in-house expertise to link a Windows LTSB device or Google Chromebox to an Ayden, Worldine, CCV or other Payment Service Provider payment device.

Intelligent design and technology

The design of our solutions is sophisticated both in terms of software and hardware, and activate their users. With standard screen sizes of 10" - 55" available in portrait or landscape, there are so many touch screens to choose from.

pin terminal order kiosk Prestop

All in your own style 

On request, we can deliver a branded information kiosk with your company logo. We're happy to help design the branding on the kiosk as well as the interactive content.

Prestop order kiosk

Our software is very ease to use 

If you don't have your own software, just use our Omnitapps applications. Choose your apps and set them to meet your requirements. Activation through games on the kiosk is also available through our Omnitapps software.

Printer order kiosk Prestop

How will you use the order kiosk?  

Order kiosk

Clients can view your range on a protected webshop, scan a barcode, and pay for the item they've ordered at the cash register, all using an order kiosk.
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Self Service Kiosk

Clients can view your range on a protected webshop, scan a barcode, and pay for the item they've ordered at the cash register, all using a Self Service Kiosk. Click here for more information.
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Easy order kiosk

An easy order kiosk can be used in fast food restaurants (QSR). This turnkey solution reduces the number of cash registers, boosts turnover, and cuts queues.
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Loyalty card kiosk

At loyalty card kiosks, visitors to a casino, shop, fitness center or gym can register, collect points and/or print off coupons or discount vouchers.
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Self ordering kiosk

Self ordering kiosks are becoming increasingly common in company restaurants, shops in hotels, coffee corners, petrol stations and shops. Customers scan the product, input the quantity, and pay.
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Ticket order kiosk

At ticket kiosks, people visiting a museum, zoo, cinema, theatre or funfair can select and pay for however many tickets they want.
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Webshop kiosk with SiteKiosk

your omnichannel sales point

Display a webshop on a webshopnkiosk or order kiosk with SiteKiosk! 
Perfect for shop-in-shop!

Let your customers shop safely online with an omnichannel solution!
Take a look at some SiteKiosk solutions below.

Self-service in high-traffic environments

Whether it's a busy counter at fast food restaurants or ticket sales at an event, an order kiosk with a card reader and SiteKiosk lets you boost turnover and throughput without employing extra staff. Your visitors will appreciate shorter waiting times. Smart product display stimulates upselling and cross-selling. The card reader offers a trusted way to pay, where needed.

Bring your webshop to the shop floor

The retail sector is developing faster than ever before. Customers expect a quick, integrated omnichannel experience, but the retailer's advice and in-store experience are still an added value for buyers. The online range is usually bigger than what's available in-store, but a webshop kiosk that includes SiteKiosk lets you bring your webshop to the shop floor! Customers have more choice and the physical shop is still a destination, even when buying online. Customers can pay at the register or at an order kiosk with a card reader.

Better visibility, better results

A webshop kiosk can also be an additional way to offer promotions and loyalty programmes, or print off offers. Right where the result can be seen immediately in the total price!

ANWB order kiosk

ANWB order kiosks with SiteKiosk and SiteRemote

With 85 order kiosks, ANWB can show off its huge range of products and services from its webshop in its physical stores. This lets you decline as few sales as possible, and reduce the number of people leaving your shop without buying anything. 


  • SiteKiosk Windows Plus shows the ANWB webshop. "Skins" and screensavers are also set on the devices.
  • SiteRemote lets the kiosks be managed remotely.
Berden Mode order kiosk

Order kiosks for Berden Mode

Berden Mode stores have order kiosks with SiteKiosk Windows Plus displaying the Berden Mode webshop. Sold out of that colour? Customers can search for any item on the kiosk.


  • SiteKiosk Windows Plus shows the Berden Mode webshop and the the on-screen keyboard lets users look up and order items.  
Boots order kiosk

Order kiosk for Boots Pharmacy Utrecht

Boots Pharmacy, Utrecht, has an order kiosk with SiteKiosk Windows Plus displaying the Boots webshop. This lets customers and sellers view the full range on the webshop.


  • SiteKiosk Windows Plus shows the Boots Pharmacy webshop and the the on-screen ketboard lets users look up and order items.

Get more from SiteKiosk

SiteKiosk can be used to safely display a website or webshop. There are also several ways to set up and personalise SiteKiosk. Take a look at some of SiteKiosk's additional options below.


Did you know that a SiteKiosk Skin can give your web browser new features? You can even link external hardware to SiteKiosk.


  • On-brand service buttons, like home, forward and backward buttons
  • Pop-up message confirming that the session is being restarted (logout function)
  • Displaying a loading animation
  • Button showing a pop-up form where data is sent by e-mail
  • Locally recording and saving a video fragment
  • Linking to hardware, such as a barcode scanner. We can link to SiteKiosk so that scanning a specific barcode opens a certain web page. This means customers don't need to search for the item in the webshop - you can simply scan a barcode to take them to the right page!

SiteKiosk skin experts

Our experts can create SiteKiosk skins and give new functionalities to a web browser! 
We have also experience with linking hardware, for example ANWB order kiosks.

Homepage 2.0 

With a custom homepage you can link to different URLs. Our experts can create a homepage in the desired style with buttons pointing to other URLs.


SiteKiosk settings

SiteKiosk offers several options on top of protecting the operating system. Our experts can consult with you to discover what SiteKiosk settings are most suitable for your project. Options include blacklisting and whitelisting pages, blocking pop-ups, print management, and the appearance of the web browser. Contact us for all settings.

Windows Hardening
Windows Hardening lets us increase protection and security on PCs with SiteKiosk. This is a package of security measures implemented in the Windows operating system. They apply 80 - 100 points, most of which are disabling unnecessary and unsafe operating system routines.

SiteRemote settings
We can make sure all the computers in a project are connected to the SiteRemote server. We create the correct groups and user accounts on the server to manage the project. 

SiteKiosk has a protected Windows user account where SiteKiosk launches automatically, as an extra layer of protection.  Where necessary, we adapt this user account to optimize protection of the Windows operating system.

Windows LTSB

LTSB stands for Long Time Servicing Branch. This is a special version of the Windows operating system that only includes the features that allow applications like SiteKiosk to run. This version of Windows also only receives crucial security updates so as not to interrupt the operation of SiteKiosk. Our experts can create "images" containing all the security measures listed above. An "image" can be used to make duplicates for, for example, rolling out SiteKiosk computers on a large scale.

Full-service project

hardware | software | installation | management

We don't make websites or webshops ourselves, but we do have web developers who can support you in optimizing your website or webshop for used on an information kiosk, webshop kiosk or order kiosk.


Want to link it to a card reader, scanner or printer? 

If you want have a card reader, the webshop and card reader will have to be linked. To do this, we can supply an API from a Payment Service Provider (PSP) such as and Buckaroo. As soon as the link is made, you can pay by card.


Printer and scanner hardware also have to be linked to the SiteKiosk.

Sharing experiences

We're happy to share our experiences with the SiteKiost projects we've carried out!



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