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Enjoy Convenient Indoor and Outdoor Ordering at Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor with Prestop's Semi-Outdoor Order Kiosks

Are you craving for some delicious ice cream but don't want to wait in long lines to place your order? Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor has got you covered with their state-of-the-art semi-outdoor order kiosks by Prestop.

Convenient Indoor and Outdoor Ordering Options

Located in Utrecht, Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor understands the importance of providing customers with a seamless ordering experience. That's why they have installed two Prestop semi-outdoor order kiosks, which are available both inside the salon and outside during favorable weather conditions.

Improved Customer Experience

With these kiosks, customers can quickly and easily browse through the menu and place their orders without any hassle. The kiosks are user-friendly, ensuring that everyone can use them with ease, even those who aren't tech-savvy. This not only saves time but also makes the ordering process more enjoyable for customers.



Experience with Prestop

Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor is pleased with their cooperation with Prestop, a renowned provider of interactive kiosks. The semi-outdoor order kiosks are of high quality and have exceeded their expectations. Additionally, the team at Prestop provided excellent customer service, ensuring that the installation and integration of the kiosks were seamless.

Future Plans

After the ice cream season, Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor plans to utilize the kiosks in other ways to improve their operations. This includes using them for events and catering services, where they can be placed outdoors to serve customers more conveniently.


With Prestop's semi-outdoor order kiosks, Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor has improved their ordering process and provided customers with a convenient and enjoyable experience. The kiosks are easy to use, and their quality and reliability have exceeded expectations. If you're looking for a hassle-free ordering experience, head to Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor and try out their Prestop semi-outdoor order kiosks today!

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