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Get in the picture with the interactive mirror.

Anyone who sees our interactive mirror for the first time will be amazed. The combination of screen, interactive software, touch technology and mirrored glass ensures magic. Looking back at a film after doing a pirouette in a wedding dress? This is possible without leaving you with a stiff neck. Tried several items of clothing and want to make a good comparison? Place them under each other in the image in the mirror and compare them at your leisure. Would you like to get a suggestion for other items of clothing via the mirror in the shop? Not a problem. With a fingerprint you can bring your clothes to the fitting room if you wish. The Prestop interactive mirror solutions make the clothing store a real experience room.

Only visible when needed

The mirror remains a real mirror. The technology is hidden and does its job when the customer asks for it. 

Prestop interactive mirror glass

Delayed effect

The interactive mirror can play a filmed movement in front of the mirror with a slight delay. Turning around in a circle means that you can then clearly see what everything looks like from behind. 

Prestop interactive mirror

Programmable interaction

Additional functionality can be added by means of touch buttons. The mirror itself functions as a touchscreen.

Prestop mirror custom glass

Discover our line of interactive mirrors.

Prestop is a manufacturer of interactive mirrors, also called smart mirrors or magic mirrors. We offer two types, namely the versions equipped with optional interactive two-way-mirrored glass and versions with an ICM camera and PCAP touchscreen. 

How are you going to use the mirror?

Bar / club inspiration mirror

Guests can use the interactive mirrors for what mirrors are intended for, but can also view the latest event news and information about different opening hours.
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Hotel room mirror

The guest can choose between an interactive mirror or watching TV. By touching the touchscreen the guest can interactively browse through the room service menu and even place orders.
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Hotel lobby / lift mirror

A hotel lobby or lift is also a location where guests can view the latest news, look up information about events and, for example, consult the menu interactively.
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Interactive fitting room mirror

By furnishing a fitting room with RFID, the mirror shows what clothing the customer has. The customer can request information from an employee or via the touchscreen.
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Selfie mirror

See yourself in 360 degrees with this interactive mirror. It allows the customer to display movement with a delay. It is a personal catwalk, where the customer is both the model and spectator.
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Custom made interactive mirror.

Prestop has all the expertise to design and produce mirrors in custom sizes. Depending on the application, wishes and needs you can extend the mirror with options such as an RFID reader, camera, barcode scanner and custom software and applications.


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A mirror equipped with an RFID reader and specific software ensures that information about an item of clothing is displayed directly on the screen.  The distance at which the tag is detected by the reader is adjustable


In order to ensure that the PCs can be accessed at all times in the event of any defects, Prestop recommends that you do not put the PC/players behind the mirror. Using extenders, the image and touch over Cat 6 or Fiber can be extended up to 300 meters. This allows you to set up your PCs safely in a clean/closed environment. 

4K camera

The 4K camera solution in combination with a 4K PCAP touchscreen is applied when you use applications where the user can take pictures or videos. Of course it is also possible to process the camera in a two way, magic or smart mirror. 

Two way mirror

Two way mirror

The two way mirror is a real mirror when no image is displayed. Prestop can supply the mirror in various sizes, shapes and glass types.  The mirror can also be equipped with various options, such as a motion sensor, PCAP touch membrane, a window loudspeaker and RFID reader, etc.

PCAP touch Prestop

PCAP touch

PCAP touch foil makes the two way mirrored glass interactive. This membrane is applied in the Prestop cleanroom and is available in various sizes. Prestop gives advice on suitable monitors.

LED frame Prestop

LED frame

A LED frame around the "mirror" provides better illumination, the intensity can be controlled by the user via the touchscreen.  Optionally, the application can automatically change the lighting settings and adjust the atmosphere.

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Prestop has the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe. Also now you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center, at Ekkersrijt 4611 in Son en Breugel. We also give digital tours via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Via more than 16 webcams we let you watch live and let you "walk with" our specialists through our Interactive Experience Center. The images are shown live via multiple camera positions and you can ask questions directly from home. Questions about our interactive solutions, but also how we see the future. Solutions that can be used immediately during and after this crisis.


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