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Ticket Core and Prestop ticket ordering kiosks

Ticket Core and Prestop partner with each other to best assist museums with the ticket sales process. Regular tickets, educational tickets and group tickets can all be ordered on Prestop ticket ordering kiosks using Ticket Core ticket software. The partnership has benefits for both museums and visitors. With intuitive touchscreen controls, this innovative ticketing machine allows visitors to easily select, checkout and receive their desired tickets without having to queue at a physical box office. This not only benefits visitors, but also the organization itself.

Why Ticket Core?

Ticket Core is a total ticket and POS software solution. They have many links to other systems such as Museum Card, payment service providers and administration and accounting packages. In addition, the software shows real-time insight into the number of tickets sold, scanned and noshow.

The advantages of Ticket Core with Prestop order kiosks

  • Good usability
    One of the main advantages of the Self-Service Ticket Ordering Kiosk is its improved usability. Visitors can effortlessly navigate through the ticket selection process thanks to the intuitive touch screen. This means that even those who are less tech-savvy can purchase tickets without difficulty. This increases the accessibility of your museum.
  • Faster service
    No one likes to wait, and with the Ticket Core and Prestop Ticket Order Kiosk, you don't have to. Visitors can select and pay for their tickets quickly and efficiently, without wasting valuable time in queues. This results in a significant reduction in wait times and contributes to a positive visitor experience.
  • Increased revenue opportunities
    The Ticket Ordering Kiosk also offers new opportunities to increase your revenue. With the flexibility to offer different ticket options and price points, you can maximize your revenue. Moreover, you can easily add upsells and additional services during the purchase process, which can lead to higher average transaction values.
  • Flexible use and customizable design
    This ticket machine is extremely flexible to use and has a customizable design that Prestop can adapt for your specific needs. You can also customize the interface to match your museum branding and add information such as opening hours and special offers.

What is the cost of a Ticket Core and Prestop ticket ordering kiosk?

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