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Built-in/Chassis touchscreens

Prestop considers circularity and durability of paramount importance. We believe that our built-in/chassis monitors contribute to this. This is because we build the build-in frames out of a build-in frame with on top of it the edge-to-edge glass, which is provided with touch foil on the inside. In this frame, we place the monitor. Over the years, Prestop has built many touch screens for customers in walls and furniture. They did not want separate screens hanging around but wanted them to be integrated into tables and walls.

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Local purchase of the screens and installation by local installers.

Because many of our customers have stores and factories worldwide, our built-in frames are also used worldwide. For the installation of these frames, no Prestop technician is needed. We do not have to make flight hours because we use local installers. These installers buy the screens locally. Because of this, we ensure that these installers can have the local distributor carry out the screen repair in case of a defect. So it does not have to be sent back and forth by Prestop.

Because of this setup, we can call ourselves the worldwide supplier of all custom-made touchscreens for the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein stores since 2016.

Format of our recessed touchscreens

Prestop can provide a recessed touchscreen in many sizes. Our touchscreens are available as 24", 32", 43", 55" and 65".

Built-in touchscreen operation room

Portrait, landscape and in different materials

We can install the screens in both a horizontal and vertical surface. Our frames can also be built into different materials and can be installed equally well in portrait and landscape.

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