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New at Valk Exclusive Hotels: The Valk Service Kiosk from Prestop

What is the Valk Service Kiosk?

Checking in without standing in line? With the Valk Service Kiosk, manufactured by Prestop, you can. In the lobby of more and more Valk Exclusive hotels, you will find the kiosk that makes your arrival a lot faster.

What can we do with the Valk Service Kiosk?

So far, you can only check in with the check-in kiosk. In the near future, it will also be possible to check out and as an information kiosk to reserve a table, for example. Both check-in and check-out will go like clockwork, and dinner will be booked in no time. Standing in line will be a thing of the past.

Prestop Valk Service Kiosk


Video of the Valk Service Kiosk in hotel Eindhoven-Best

How does the check-in process work?

Prestop's Self-Service Kiosk makes your check-in process easy and fast. Click start and search for your reservation by last name. Already paid and verified? Proceed to room preferences.

Not yet verified? You can do that easily with iDIN, online identification through your bank. Scan the QR code with your bank app and go through the process. Identifying yourself at the reception is no longer necessary.

Not paid yet? You can also pay your bill effortlessly via the check-in kiosk. Click on pay, and the amount will be forwarded to the ATM. Pay, and you can proceed to the room preferences.

At room preferences, you will find an overview of available room types. Make a selection and then choose how you want to use your room key: a physical card or Mobile Key via the Valk Exclusive app.

Completed all the steps? Enjoy your stay!

24 inch information kiosk

Prestop has completely modified the standard Eminent 24-inch information kiosk according to the wishes of Valk Solutions. So, we built in a pin terminal and scanner. But we also have an RFID card sensor, a hotel card tray, and a handbag tray.

Self-Service kiosks throughout the Netherlands

Together with Valk Solutions, we are working hard to install self-check-in kiosks at all Valk Exclusive hotels in the future. We are already well on our way! At the following hotels you can now check-in, self-verify and pay for your room through the kiosk:

  • Hotel Apeldoorn
  • Hotel Den Haag-Nootdorp
  • Hotel Schiphol A4
  • Hotel Haarlem
  • Hotel Emmen
  • Hotel Wolvega
  • Hotel Heerlen
  • Hotel Leiden
  • Hotel Akersloot
  • Hotel Oostzaan-Amsterdam
  • Hotel Wieringermeer
  • Hotel Houten-Utrecht
  • Hotel Utrecht
  • Hotel Vianen-Utrecht
  • Hotel Almere
  • Hotel Eindhoven-Best
  • Hotel Spier-Dwingeloo
  • Hotel Assen
  • Hotel Schiedam
  • Hotel Harderwijk op de Veluwe
  • Hotel Tilburg
  • Hotel Hengelo

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