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Vegan Junk Food Bar innovates with two-sided order kiosk

In the vibrant city of Barcelona, where gastronomy and culinary experimentation are highly regarded, a new hot spot for vegan delights has emerged. The Vegan Junk Food Bar brings a revolutionary concept to the city, combining innovative flavors in delicious vegan dishes. In addition to the delectable menu, the ordering experience is unique thanks to Prestop's beautifully designed order kiosk. With LED lighting and custom stickers, the order kiosk contributes to the restaurant's branding, making the Vegan Junk Food Bar tasty and a visual feast for the senses.

Stylish Luminant DUO order kiosk

The Luminant DUO order kiosk, developed by Prestop, is an advanced system designed to provide ordering convenience for Vegan Junk Food Bar customers. The kiosk is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and fits perfectly with the restaurant's branding. Together with the Jamezz ordering software, it is a great addition and provides many benefits! 

Full personalization of the branding

The Luminant DUO order kiosk is fully personalized to the branding of the Vegan Junk Food Bar. This means that the kiosk perfectly matches the overall look and feel of the restaurant. The RGB LED strips are configured to change the colors of the business, creating a unique and vibrant ambiance. In addition, stickers were applied to the kiosk with the restaurant's name in large letters and distributed playfully across the kiosk. This personal touch makes the kiosk even more attractive to customers.

Prestop order kiosk food vegan junk bar barcelona

Convenient functionalities

In addition to aesthetics, the Luminant DUO order kiosk also offers several convenient functionalities that simplify the ordering process. For example, there is a holder for table signs, allowing customers to easily indicate their table number when placing an order. In addition, an integrated scanner allows customers to scan coupons for special offers or discounts. Finally, there is a printer that allows customers to receive a receipt of their order immediately. These convenient features make for a smooth and efficient ordering experience.

The importance of ordering convenience

Implementing an order kiosk like the Luminant DUO in restaurants, such as the Vegan Junk Food Bar, responds to the growing need for ordering convenience among customers. In a world of increasingly prominent digitization, customers expect a seamless and efficient way to place their orders. Order kiosks provide this capability and allow customers to order their favorite dishes intuitively and user-friendly.

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