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YoYo Fresh Tea Bar opens trendy location with three counter order kiosks

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar was founded in March 2012 by a passionate team with the vision to change the shared enjoyment of a drink in the Netherlands.

It has since become their mission to introduce everyone to that same unforgettable moment of drinking tea.

To make ordering tea easier and faster, they installed three self-service kiosks at the opening of their new branch in Hoog Catharijne.

YoYo Fresh Tea Bar with three desk order kiosks

To speed up the ordering process and ensure that everyone can focus on preparing the food, they have three 22" Desk Evolution LED order kiosks right from the opening. They have a receipt printer and a coupon scanner so customers can participate in promotions and start saving points. Our partner Eatcard's ordering software runs on the kiosks, which makes for a good match with the rest of the total solution.

Behind the shutter during closing hours

Especially for YoYo, we mounted the pin holders slightly backward so that the kiosks fit exactly behind the roller shutter when the tent closes. We can easily make these kinds of adjustments since Prestop designs and manufactures the products themselves. We have technical draftsmen who can adapt standard products and draw new ones to suit your needs.

YoYo Fresh Tea Bar order kiosks Utrecht Hoog Catharijne Prestop

LED lighting around the screen

They chose the 22" screen with a LED border around it to attract attention and better match YoYo's branding. This is integrated and can be set in different colors and patterns. The soft pink comes out nicely, and the color of the kiosks themselves matches perfectly with the marble counter they are on.

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