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Heineken Experience Amsterdam: self-checkout from Prestop

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Self-Checkout in the Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is located in the former Heineken Brewery in the center of Amsterdam. Due to a lack of capacity, the brewery closed in 1988. The location is now a tribute to the brand. It shows visitors everything, with a tour, about Heineken's heritage, the brewing process, innovations, sponsorships, and the story behind the star in the logo.

Heineken Experience Amsterdam had a major renovation where the shop was updated. We created an ordering solution with RFID technology so visitors can easily and quickly checkout through our ordering screen. After the tour, visitors can quickly check out Heineken souvenirs in the shop via the five Prestop ordering solutions.

Together with a team of interior designers, we customized the hardware to match the materials, such as glass, tile work, and specific paint colors.

Self-checkout shop

Prestop created a self-checkout store for Heineken Experience. It works with RFID tags on each product, allowing customers to place their shopping cart at the checkout and be automatically sent to the product's payment screen so the customer can checkout. Prestop worked with several parties to provide the touchscreens, printers, computers, and, of course, the software solution. For the hardware, they again chose a custom solution using the same hardware components as the previous Bottle-Your-Own project: 24-inch Prestop Touchscreens, Honeywell Barcode Scanners, and Custom Ticket printers. These components have been running for years to customer satisfaction. Watch the demonstration video below!

Demonstration video self-checkout kiosk touchscreen Prestop Heineken Experience

Visitors place their baskets at checkout, and the products automatically appear on the screen!

self-checkout screenshots Omnivision Prestop Heineken Experience
self-checkout screenshots Omnivision Prestop Heineken Experience
self-checkout screenshots Omnivision Prestop Heineken Experience

Custom Software with RFID

A software solution has been developed that works as a standalone Self-Checkout where customers can check out their products in a basket in one go, as seen more often nowadays, such as at the Decathlon.

Extra in this solution is the use of an RFID basket solution developed by Mielo&Alexander. An entire basket is read at once. Around the bin where customers place their baskets, sensitive RFID antennas recognize all product labels within a second. The unique product numbers are sent to a server. The server then responds with all product names and prices.

We display this information on the screen, after which the customer can checkout via an Adyen POS payment terminal. After a successful payment, the data goes back to the server, which then, through a subsystem, "releases" the products for passage at the RFID anti-theft detection gates at the exit. We have implemented a system for booking products into the warehouse so that inventory status can be completely tracked.

Staffed checkout

In addition to the Self-Checkout, a service desk variant has also been developed; it is designed for an employee to help and speak to customers. The service desk variant is an expanded version of the Self-Checkout. Here visitors can also pay in cash or at the cost center.

Full in-house software development

Because we develop all software in-house, it gives our client, Heineken, the opportunity to contact the right people directly in case of questions or challenges. We are also allowed to develop several extensions for data insight, further optimization, and management of the systems.

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