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Order infectiously delicious food at Paindemie with Prestop's new ordering kiosk

At Paindemie, guests can feel truly special and enjoy their exquisite bar specials, such as the Toastie d'Escargot, Caviar or the Goat Tenderloin on Pain de Mie toast. A delectable cocktail, a juicy natural wine from their extensive wine list, or one of their excellent sake's awaits you. At our place, the music is excellent. If you think you can too, contact them to talk about an acquisition and spin your own vinyl records.

Ordering convenience with the new order kiosk

To improve their guests' experience, we recently started offering the option to order via a self-order kiosk, after which you can sit back and relax while following your order on one of the two takeout screens.

Ordering food on a Japanese train ticket vending machine?

At Paindemie, we recently introduced a beautiful Luminant order kiosk. We stickered this one to make it look like a classic Japanese vending machine where you would buy train and subway tickets. Jamezz's ordering software is installed on the kiosk and has the same theme. We added LED lighting to the kiosk to give it an extra touch of allure. Customers can track their orders on the two takeout screens, seamlessly integrated into the walls. Both the kiosk and the screens are installed in the restaurant, providing additional convenience for their valued customers and Paindemie. An order kiosk can generate up to 30% additional sales and reduce queues.

Prestop ordering self-service kiosk Luminant Paindemie

The benefits of ordering via an order kiosk

Using a Prestop self-service kiosk offers numerous benefits for both customers and the restaurant. Let's take a look at some of the most important benefits:

  • Efficiency: With an ordering kiosk, customers can quickly and easily select their desired dishes and drinks without the intervention of a waiter. This reduces waiting time and makes for a smoother ordering process.
  • Self-service: Guests can make their choices at their leisure without feeling rushed. This contributes to a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience.
  • Accuracy: Orders are placed directly by the customer, reducing the likelihood of order errors. This increases customer satisfaction.
  • Upselling capabilities: The ordering kiosk can make recommendations for side dishes, desserts, or drinks, increasing upselling opportunities and increasing revenue per order.
  • Data Analysis: The ordering kiosk can collect valuable data on customer ordering behavior, which can help the restaurant better tailor their menu and services to the needs of its guests.

Simplicity and convenience for guests

At Paindemie, guest satisfaction is paramount. With the introduction of the new ordering kiosk, they aim to simplify the ordering process and increase convenience for our customers. They believe this innovation will contribute to an even more enjoyable dining experience at their restaurant.

Visit Paindemie and experience the convenience of our ordering kiosk for yourself. Enjoy the delicious bar specials and be surprised by their unique atmosphere.

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