Create activation with touchscreens and displays.

The best way to convey a message is when visitors can discover it for themselves. Touchscreens generate activation by inviting the user to become an active participant in the experience. Prestop supplies touchscreens for mounting and installation purposes, or as a desktop system. You can choose from standard screens of major brands, or for customisation. If you want to make a big impact, Prestop is the place to be for large format displays. Prestop is one of a few companies that can also supply these gigantic screens interactively, with touch function. 

Own cleanroom

Prestop produces the touchscreens in-house in a special cleanroom. This makes it possible to deliver custom work.

Seamless integration

For installation in walls, tables or furniture, Prestop offers all the possibilities for seamless installation of the touchscreen.


An absolute eye-catcher is the widescreen. Ideal to install above store shelves or next to sales racks.

Touchscreens, displays, housings and stands.

Prestop has been designing and producing touchscreens in various designs since 1983. Below you will find the current package of solutions and products. Use the request button to request more information and/or a quotation. Of course you can make an appointment with our product specialists and visit our Interactive Experience Center. 

Curved touchscreens

As front-runner in the market, Prestop will soon introduce a first line of curved touchscreens. These curved touchscreens are built in our Clean Room and are provided with extra clear anti-glare glass. The printed glass can also be custom made, making it possible to place a scanner, camera or other peripherals behind it. The curved touchscreens are introduced in sizes 32" Full HD and 43" 4K.
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Chassis touch displays

Built-in touch displays, also called chassis touch displays, are made to integrate into a wall, table or other furniture. Prestop supplies these touch screens in a number of standard sizes: 32", 40" and 55". Customization is also possible up to 92". The shape and dimensions of the glass may deviate from the size of the monitor, in order to make creative designs possible. You can choose between extra clear glass, anti-glare glass or two-way mirror glass, in various thicknesses.
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Desktop < 32” touch displays

Prestop supplies touch displays from the brands Elo, iiyama and 3M, but also offers its own line. For example 32" 4K monitors or 24" widescreen touch displays without buttons or switches.
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(Touch) Displays > 32” LFD touch displays

The LFD touch displays from Prestop are popular with interior designers. The IR and PCAP large format touchscreens can be used seamlessly in any interior element, in the same color, without buttons or switches, making them part of the 'brand experience'. That's why companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Karwei trust in Prestop products.
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High brightness touch displays

High Brightness displays have a brigthness of at least 1000 nit and can be equipped with a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen adaptively. At dusk or darkness the screens are dimmed, in bright daylight the brightness goes up. Prestop is in direct contact with the product managers of renowned manufacturers of these screens and follows the latest developments in this area.
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Video walls

Our product managers are happy to advise you on video walls of the brands Philips, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, LG and Planar. We will check which screen is best for the situation in question. The displays differ in screen size, light output and bezel thickness (the border around the screen), but also in the control and the shielding of the LED panel. Prestop designs and produces overlays for these screens and can provide them with touch functionality.
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Long stretched

Long stretched displays are becoming increasingly popular. They are remarkably wide, because of the image ratios. In the stretched and ultra stretched versions these screens are an absolute eye-catcher in museums, exhibition stands, beside or above store shelves and in many other applications. Only Prestop offers these screens with touch functionality!
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Overlay / touch skin

Prestop produces touch overlays / touch skins for all popular professional monitors. A touch screen can easily be made from a standard screen. The overlays are robust, well finished and of high quality. Prestop produces these overlays in our own Clean Room. Tempered glass, with PCAP or IR touch technology. For example we produce for brands like Panasonic and Samsung.
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Vandalism proof displays

For spaces where vandalism can occur, Prestop produces special vandal-resistant displays. These can be equipped with a touch function and climate control, in the form of active ventilation, a hydrostat or even heating.
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Outside housings

Prestop produces IP65 closed monitor housings for public spaces, such as stations, football stadiums, etc. Vandal-proof and resistant to dust and rain. The hardened and possibly anti-reflective glass can also be provided with PCAP touch foil to make the glass interactive.
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Monitor housings

When a monitor needs extra protection, for example in public areas, it can be protected with a permanent monitor housing. The industry also makes great use of these housings, because they are waterproof and dust-free. The monitor housings can also be delivered as customized.
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Kiosk housings

Kiosk housings are delivered without a monitor, so that you can choose a screen yourself. The steel kiosk housings come in variants that are suitable for monitors from 32 "to 70", whether or not in touch version. The housings come with a 5 year warranty and a universal bracket set. Available in black and white.
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Table Housing

Create a touch table ! The height of this housing is ergonomic, to offer users the most comfortable interactive experience.
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Adjust or tilt a touch screen in height with Prestop lifts. Produced in the Netherlands and made of very high quality. Equipped with Piezo security. The lifts come with a 5 year warranty and a universal bracket set and are suitable for touchscreens from 40 "to 70".
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With a flightcase you can easily and safely transport your hardware such as touchscreens and touch tables. Depending on the size of the flightcase there is space for internal hardware. Ask for the possibilities.
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Discover our extra hardware.

Where to use a touchscreen?

The use of displays, video walls and touchscreens is unlimited. Some examples are:

Digital showroom Prestop

Digital showroom

Experience Center Prestop

Experience Center

Interactive narrowcasting

Interactive Narrowcasting

OR display Prestop

OR display

Reception display Prestop

Reception display

Collaboration display Prestop

Collaboration display

Touch application development and graphics.

In the creations department, interactive user interfaces are developed by our developers. In addition, content is also created by our content developers, who make an inventory of all wishes and determine what content is needed on the basis of this and by determining the target group. In a short time they build beautiful multitouch applications using Omnitapps, Intuiface and our collaboration software. Prestop does not build web shops and websites and therefore does not pretend to be able to build everything. As we have developers and IT experts in-house, we are able to communicate with our customer's software partner/developer in the same language. This allows us to ensure that our hardware is optimally matched to the application. 

More info about software & content

Examples of custom PCAP touchscreens.

Some examples of PCAP touchscreens which you can see and touch in our Interactive Experience Center:

Get inspired.

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Interactive Experience Center.

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