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Create activation with touchscreens and displays.

Prestop manufactures touchscreens for surface and built-in applications. These are assembled in our own clean room.

For public areas, such as stations, soccer stadiums, etc., Prestop produces IP65 sealed monitor housings, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These are vandal-proof and resistant to dust and rain. The tempered and possibly anti-reflective glass can also be coated with PCAP film to make the glass interactive.

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We make touchscreens in our own cleanroom

Prestop produces the touchscreens in-house in a special cleanroom. This makes it possible to deliver custom work.


Seamless integration

For installation in walls, tables or furniture, Prestop offers all the possibilities for seamless installation of the touchscreen.

PCAP touchscreen kiosk


An absolute eye-catcher is the widescreen. Ideal for installing above store shelves or next to sales racks.

More than just touchscreens and housings.

Prestop has been designing and producing touchscreens in various designs since 1983. Below, you will find the current package of solutions and products. Use the request button to request more information and/or a quotation. Of course you can make an appointment with our product specialists and (digitally) visit our Interactive Experience Center.


OR screens

Our touchscreen solutions for operating theatres are integrated into the walls of the relevant operating theatre. The front will consist entirely of glass, which we apply touch foil to in our own clean room. The advantage of this solution is that there are no unnecessarily large touch screens in the OR and that the front can be easily cleaned.

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Outside housings

Prestop produces IP65 closed monitor housings for public spaces, such as stations, football stadiums, etc. Vandal-proof and resistant to dust and rain. The hardened and possibly anti-reflective glass can also be provided with PCAP touch foil to make the glass interactive.
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Chassis touch displays

Built-in touch displays, also called chassis touch displays, are made to integrate into a wall, table or other furniture. Prestop supplies these touch screens in a number of standard sizes: 32", 40" and 55". Customization is also possible up to 92". The shape and dimensions of the glass may deviate from the size of the monitor, in order to make creative designs possible. You can choose between extra clear glass, anti-glare glass or two-way mirror glass, in various thicknesses.
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Vandalism proof displays

For spaces where vandalism can occur, Prestop produces special vandal-resistant displays. These can be equipped with a touch function and climate control, in the form of active ventilation, a hydrostat or even heating.
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Monitor housings

When a monitor needs extra protection, for example in public areas, it can be protected with a permanent monitor housing. The industry also makes great use of these housings, because they are waterproof and dust-free. The monitor housings can also be delivered as customized.
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Adjust or tilt a touch screen in height with Prestop lifts. Produced in the Netherlands and made of very high quality. Equipped with Piezo security. The lifts come with a 5 year warranty and a universal bracket set and are suitable for touchscreens from 40 "to 70".
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Examples of custom PCAP touchscreens.

Some examples of PCAP touchscreens which you can see and touch in our Interactive Experience Center:

PCAP touchscreen table sample video
built-in touchscreen tommy hilfiger
province Zeeland built-in touchscreen
Recessed touchscreen screen wall karwei
Touchscreen table
touch table

More information, demo or quotation on touchscreens

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