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Ice cream parlor Matteo brings convenience to its customers with a personalized semi-outdoor ordering kiosk

As a proud owner of an ice cream parlor, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level is crucial. Satisfied customers return, and positive word of mouth still remains the most effective way to attract new customers. One strategy to increase this customer satisfaction is by integrating advanced ordering stations into your ice cream parlor. That's exactly what Ice Cream Parlor Matteo has done!

Ijssalon Matteo in Oisterwijk has become a household name in its area since it was founded in 1991. They have always strived to exceed the expectations of their customers. With a constant drive for improvement and innovation, they have integrated Prestop's semi-outdoor self-service kiosk to add a new dimension of convenience and fun to their customers' dining experience.

Prestop's Semi-Outdoor self-service kiosk: a new approach to ordering

Prestop's semi-outdoor self-service kiosk is a modern tool that allows customers to place their orders independently and efficiently. With a user-friendly touch screen and intuitive interface, customers can effortlessly browse the menu, choose their favorite ice cream flavors and even request specific customizations. The ordering software from our partner Jamezz takes care of this.

Covered outdoors and indoors

The Luminant Semi-Outdoor is a special variant that is already producing great results at other catering establishments, such as Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor and Bakkum Bites. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is easy to roll! This technology ensures a seamless ordering process without customers having to stand in line or feeling rushed.

The benefits of self-service kiosks for customers at Ice Cream Parlor Matteo

Opting for the semi-outdoor self-service kiosk has resulted in significant benefits for Ice Cream Parlor Matteo's customers:

  • Self-service ordering: Customers can browse the menu at their own pace and customize their orders according to their preferences, resulting in a personalized and satisfying experience.
  • No waiting time: With the kiosk, customers no longer have to wait in line, minimizing wait times and giving them more time to enjoy their ice cream.
  • Fewer mistakes: Because customers enter their orders themselves, order errors are significantly reduced, preventing disappointment.
  • Comfortable environment: The semi-outdoor setup allows customers to enjoy their ice cream in a comfortable environment, enjoying both the outdoor and indoor feel.

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semi-outdoor ice cream parlor matteo self service kiosk

A successful implementation at Ice Cream Parlor Matteo

Implementing the semi-outdoor self-service kiosk at Ice Cream Parlor Matteo followed several essential steps, including strategically placing the kiosk in a highly visible location where customers could easily access it and where a power point could easily be made. In addition, the kiosk was made conspicuous by stickers, and there are clear instructions on the home screen. The staff was also trained to help with any questions.

Prestop's semi-outdoor self-service kiosk not only increased customer satisfaction at Ice Cream Parlor Matteo, but also set a new standard for convenience and personalization in the ice cream parlor industry. By giving customers more control over their orders while providing a comfortable environment, Ice Cream Parlor Matteo has created a better and more satisfying experience for everyone who wants to enjoy their delicious ice cream creations.


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