Amstelveen weighs loads faster with weighing kiosks. 

The municipality of Amstelveen waste management department uses weigh bridges at the waste weighing stations. Employees and customers log in at a weighing kiosk, using a pass. With the decision last year to renew the software in the weighing kiosks, it was also decided to upgrade the hardware.

How they came into contact with Prestop

Ruud Oosterhof is the team leader at Amstelveen waste management and this is what he had to say about Prestop: "Our software supplier knew Prestop, and through him, we came in contact with the company in the Netherlands."

Point at issue

Oosterhof: "We wanted to make the weighing of waste as easy as possible for the staff and customers. Weighing it in yourself, registering using a pass and finalising everything automatically. The software had to be updated, and we also wanted to upgrade the look completely. We gave Prestop an outline of what we wanted. Prestop understood us perfectly, and came up with a nice proposal which we could take over one on one."

Prestop's solution.

Two new outdoor kiosks were delivered to the municipality of Amstelveen. "So, a weighing kiosk per weighbridge. Registration is done with the waste pass. A card reader is installed in the kiosks. The software was supplied through another supplier, but through experience with Prestop, they knew how to carry out the implementation properly and quickly", says Oosterhof.


"A specific product first of all requires proper cooperation. Total cooperation is a strong point at Prestop."
Ruud Oosterhof - municipality of Amstelveen

Amstelveen weighing kiosks Prestop

Mun. Amstelveen weighing kiosk

Day to day operations.

Oosterhof believes the delivery fully conforms to the requirements. "There were still a number of improvements made between installing the weighing kiosks and the commissioning. This resulted in a product that works perfectly."

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