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Custom software and content, including food content

At Prestop, our subsidiary Omnivision complements what the customer or our partner/reseller cannot do themselves. Does the customer provide its own application, but the content is insufficient? No problem! Omnivision ensures that everything is complete and working for the customer. Even for total solutions, we create the content, including a user-friendly user interface.

A good example is the order kiosk that Prestop made for the ANWB, including an ATM linked to the kiosk. Omnivision also uses multitouch software Omnitapps, but (in service to the customer) also likes to work with other software companies. Assessing and testing the software together is preferred. We speak the same language as the software developer and work additionally or together on a project where desired. With expertise in Android, IOS, Windows, and Chrome, we ensure the software works as it should.

Some creations made by Omnivision:

Food content creation for order kiosks and window displays

Optimal use of your order kiosk not only depends on our order kiosks and the software but is also primarily determined by attractive photography and videos.

Besides order kiosks, Prestop also supplies double-sided window displays that can show different content on the street side than on the side visible from your QSR, lunchroom, or restaurant. Your customers subconsciously like to be triggered to enter your store, make impulse purchases and want to be enticed by atmospheric and tasty images of what they will order (possibly as dessert).

Prestop photography food boefkik


Achieve more sales with good photography

Specialist on food photography & video

To take care of this in the best possible way, Prestop works with the specialist for photography and video of Food, namely Boefkik. Boefkik translates the love for food into the tastiest content.


In addition to supplying the order kiosk, the window display and setting up the application, we can also take care of photography and video. Whether it's a clear packshot of your assortment, an attractive video on the window display or appealing images that create extra impulse buys in the store, we offer the possibilities.


To ensure that you not only have the right content during the initial setup of the order kiosk and window display, you can also take out a subscription with us. This guarantees you the relevant content for special holidays and events, for example.

Own kitchen

Of course you can cook these dishes yourself, but we can also completely relieve you of that. We also take care of all the food styling in our photo studio with its own professional kitchen so it won't cost you precious time.

Experience Center

At our Interactive Experience Center, we'd love to show you what content on digital window displays and order kiosks can do to generate additional traffic and increase order value.

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Visit our

Interactive Experience Center.

Prestop has the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe. Also now you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center, at Ekkersrijt 4611 in Son en Breugel. We also give digital tours via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Via more than 16 webcams we let you watch live and let you "walk with" our specialists through our Interactive Experience Center. The images are shown live via multiple camera positions and you can ask questions directly from home. Questions about our interactive solutions, but also how we see the future. Solutions that can be used immediately during and after this crisis.


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