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Kids corner with TukTuk for Vögele Shoes.

Richnerstutz AG from Switzerland is an external service provider of digital solutions that Vögele Shoes asked to develop a kids corner for their shops. With two offices in Switzerland and one in Germany, Richnerstutz provides solutions in digital communication and printed media. With 150 employees, Richnerstutz plays a vital role in the world of communication. The company's digital branch has been in existence for eight years and has delivered a total of 47 TukTuk's to shoe brand Vögele Shoes, which have been transformed into a kids corner for the shops. In total, Richnerstutz has installed 155 Prestop touchscreens in these TukTuk's.

The road to Prestop

Peter Ellensohn, Leiter Digital Experience at Richnerstutz, already knew Prestop because of the Omnitapps software. "Well-priced and very user-friendly" is how he describes the software. The excellent experience brought him to Prestop with the question of touchscreens for the TukTuk's.

Point at issue

Vögele Shoes was looking for a playful solution to keep the children entertained in the shop so that the parents could shop undisturbed. They wanted to move away from the standard play corner idea but have a solution that fascinates the children. Ellensohn: "In this day and age, you have to keep the children occupied within their world of experience. Games and creative possibilities via a touch screen are then the ideal solutions."

Prestop's solution.

Prestop supplied Richnerstutz with several touchscreens in different sizes, which the company built into the TukTuk's. With Omnitapps, various games are available that kids can play on the touchscreens, including memory and puzzles. A digital whiteboard has also been installed, on which the children can unleash their creativity to their heart's content.


"The cooperation is absolutely super, not only in the case of the TukTuk's for Vögele Shoes. We use Omnitapps for more projects and will seek cooperation with Prestop again when necessary. We really appreciate the personal contact."
Peter Ellensohn - Richnerstutz

TukTuk with touchscreens for Vögele Shoes

Vögele Shoes kids corner

Day to day operations.

The TukTuk's with touch screens are loved by the children and are fully used. For Richnerstutz, working with Prestop is a valuable addition to the process, as communication between the two companies is good. "The hardware business was as pleasant as the previous cooperation with Prestop's Omnivision Studio," says Ellensohn.

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