Video walls and touchscreens for BAS Trucks' Experience Center.

Video walls and touchscreens for BAS Trucks' Experience Center. Since the 90s BAS Trucks has specialized in the procurement and sale of used trucks, buses, construction machines, parts and tyres. Having started out with just used trucks, the company now operates in all manner of rolling stock.  The customer is paramount at BAS Trucks. Many buy their vehicle unseen, in good faith.

How they came into contact with Prestop

BAS Trucks has bought touchscreens from Prestop before. Further to the planned construction of a new commercial reception area, the need arose for new touch solutions.  Bas Verheij explains: “Hypsos designed our new reception area and provided interactive touch solutions across the space.  We have switched from multiple areas to a single area, and want our customers to have access to all the services we offer within that space.” Bart Govers adds: “Innovative modernization had to be implemented, we aim to be a trendsetter within our sector.” To follow through on the design, and to assess the latest touch solutions on the market, BAS Trucks approached Prestop. 

Point at issue

“We wanted a large video wall by the entrance, with touch functionality. That was our starting point", Bart continues.  "That screen had to be suitable for displaying video material as well as giving interactive presentations." Bas: "We then requested three touchscreens to be integrated in the wall for the reception area.  A solution whereby our website is permanently displayed in a secure environment."

Prestop's solution.

For the entrance Prestop supplied 3 different touch video walls, configured as a 1x2, 1x3 en 2x3 video wall. With the multi-touch software installed on the video walls, either an interactive presentation or a video can be played.  "Using that screen we can, for example, clearly display our service provision options, display options for comparison, and display our bespoke solutions", explains Bas.  The 3 built-in touchscreens in the reception area are used in particular to run the BAS Trucks website in a secure environment.  "That's really useful in immediately gaining insight into actual stock levels", says Bart.


"Prestop embodies a good price-quality ratio and is service-oriented.  Problems are promptly resolved, with Prestop proactively offering solutions."
Bas Verheij and Bart Govers - BAS Trucks

BAS Trucks videowall - Prestop videowalls

BAS Trucks video wall

Day to day operations.

Besides the aforementioned touch solutions, the Sales Department also uses touchscreens at the sales tables.  Bart: "The website and order software that only the sales team work with run on these.  The touch function is really handy in quickly navigating the site.  In total we use 16 of these Prestop screens."   

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