KPN uses touch video walls in stores as a sales tool.

QYN is a full-service digital signage provider, and they work for KPN, one of the biggest Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company, amongst others. They offer screen communication in the broadest sense of the word, from A to Z. Matthijs Buijs of QYN: "We offer digital solutions that help the seller in the conversation with the customer, sometimes in an interactive way, sometimes as narrowcasting."

The road to PrestopDe weg naar Prestop

"We already knew Prestop, so they were a logical choice for us. Our customer KPN needed a complex touch application. That's why we called in Prestop's expertise as a key player", says Matthijs.

Point at issue

"KPN wanted to have an interactive totem in the shop, so we came up with the original question of what solutions Prestop had for this. In the end, we agreed on a touch video wall of 3×3 meters. That went in good consultation, we really appreciate Prestop in that".

Prestop's solution.

QYN pitched the touch video wall as an interactive solution at KPN, delivering a proof of concept. Matthijs: "Then we were able to implement the plan in the pilot store.


"Prestop is a pleasant party that knows what they're talking about. You get to know each other in these kinds of challenges."
Matthijs Buijs - QYN

Prestop touch videowall for KPN

KPN touch videowall

Day to day operations.

The test in the pilot store turned out well: "The hardware was good, we knew where to optimize the software. We played a lot with embellishing the whole, together with the interior architect. Prestop also thought along with us and, thanks to their specialization in customization, they were able to deliver what was required. Together we came to the best interpretation. The roll-out version has already been delivered 150 times in the country. The shops are an experience. The touch video wall - also known as the smartwall - is the sales tool for the staff. Queue management takes place, the assortment can be approached interactively and the screens are used for narrowcasting. The video wall plays a central role".

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