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Product selector and touch tables for Karwei stores.

Karwei is one of the Netherlands' well-known DIY chains. To keep customers engaged and captivated, they have developed a new formula called "Karwei Q." Within this formula, they want to help the customer by showing practical situations based on the personal choices of the shopper.

The road to Prestop

Henk de Jonge supervises this interactive process for Karwei: "The pilot took place in Uden. Within the Q formula, Karwei wants to take the position of a specialty store. Decorative solutions are a spearhead within the concept. Therefore, the customer must find good inspiration in the Karwei stores. Because there are various setups, which all have to offer the same solution, Prestop is the ideal partner. They supply the hardware; we supply the software."

Point at issue

With four specialized departments, Karwei wants to be the most decorative DIY store in the Netherlands. Henk de Jonge: "The touch solutions offer the customer the possibility to adjust decorative elements and colors for walls, floor, and window decoration through presets. One can see what the combinations do in a simulated situation. We asked Prestop solutions to be able to show these compositions via touch input. It was important to be able to use the hardware in different setups. A mix of touch screen tables and touch solutions in wall arrangements."

The solution of Prestop.

Prestop first provided the hardware for the pilot in Uden. Karwei initially considered renting everything but soon discovered that buying was much more interesting, given the long period of use. "It is true, however, that we came to them thanks to Prestop's rental offer. By putting our wishes down there and having good consultations, it eventually worked out to buying."


"We experience working with Prestop as pleasant and personal. The company really thinks with us and is always very solution-oriented."
Henk de Jonge - Karwei

Karwei interactive solution product selector Prestop

Karwei product selector

In practice

Karwei had already arranged the software for the product configurator. "This concerned the software for the touchscreen tables. This could be applied well to Prestop's hardware. Later, the large screens came into the picture, on which we show doors. This is done almost in a 1-to-1 format. For this door presentation, Prestop itself provided the software. After the pilot in Uden, we equipped subsequent stores with the same configuration. Meanwhile, Barneveld is also a fact. The customers have to get used to the fact that this is all possible nowadays, but they respond well to it."

Henk de Jonge looks with satisfaction at the cooperation with Prestop: "A deal is a deal with them. One of the challenges was to determine the right dimensions in terms of screens. In good coordination with Prestop, we ultimately succeeded in this."

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