All occasions promptly found on BMW Breeman's information kiosks.

BMW Breeman has branches in Rotterdam and Gouda.  Besides selling new BMWs and Minis, the company is a key player in BMW occasions.  Customers can see online which new BMWs are available directly from stock and have insight into the occasion park.  To make optimum use of this functionality the team at Breeman devised the plan to interactively display inter-branch stock levels. Accordingly, Gert Jan de Jong at BMW Breeman approached Prestop. "We found Prestop via an online search engine, and visited their showroom following initial contact.

How they came into contact with Prestop

There we quickly became convinced Prestop was the one for us. Not only because of what we saw in the showroom but also because of how our questions were answered", says De Jong.

Point at issue

Proposal BMW Breeman asked for a solution that could display relevant sites in the showrooms. "In the new BMW showrooms we wanted to be able to quickly and efficiently access our stock of new cars, and on the occasion side of the business we wanted to provide prompt insight into the occasion stock, including cars yet to come in and those being exchanged. For that we had to be able to generate the website within a secure environment, via a touchscreen", clarifies De Jong. 

Prestop's solution.

Prestop presented a solution in the form of information kiosks with a 32" PCAP touchscreen which runs, among others, SiteKiosk, in order to be able to use the websites in a secure environment. De Jong: "We appreciated Prestop's proactivity. To start with we requested landscape-oriented screens. However, as the site has a quotation option that subsequently is displayed in A4 portrait format, Prestop advised us to opt for portrait-oriented screens instead. That works perfectly."


"A provider has to listen carefully to the client's brief, and somehow realise those (hidden) needs. Which is precisely what Prestop managed to do."
Gert Jan de Jong - BMW Breeman

BMW information kiosk Prestop

BMW Breeman information kiosk

Day to day operations.

The information kiosks are primarily used by the sales teams across the different BMW Breeman departments to lead customers to.  "In particular with existing customers, whom we already enjoy a relationship built on trust with, when we lead them to the kiosk and show them there is a car in stock that meets all their requirements, in 90% of cases this results in a sale.  The total online website conversion for that matter is 25%. That's high", explains De Jong. "The information kiosks Prestop supplied facilitate inter-branch sales. Quickly checking what's at another branch works well in a sales climate in which we increasingly do our utmost to capture the customer in that single sales moment".

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