Child-friendly outdoor kiosk for Madurodam.

Madurodam is a Dutch miniature city in The Hague on a scale of 1 to 25, opened on 2 July 1952. This tourist amusement park attracts around 700,000 visitors annually. Everyone can discover Dutch heroes and highlights through miniatures, things to do and indoor attractions. The park covers a total area of 62,630 m² (17,630 m² built city).

How they came into contact with Prestop

Peter de Hullu, marketing and sales manager at Madurodam: “We approached Prestop, because we wanted to lay a "digital layer" over our park, so information could be interactive provided. The Prestop solutions offered us the possibility to lay this digital layer in the form of an outdoor kiosks over the park, with the aim of generating more interaction and involvement between the physical park, the digital world and both young and adult visitors."

Point at issue

Madurodam needed a solution that allows children who visit the park to retrieve their information themselves in a simple and playful way. It had to be possible to play videos and questions, in a quiz, had to be answered in a simple way.

Prestop's solution.

For Madurodam, Prestop has developed a child-friendly outdoor kiosk with a 22” touchscreen. There are now 10 weatherproof outdoor kiosks spread throughout the park. Children can easily watch videos and answer questions (presented in a quiz) on every kiosk, as the touchscreen is lower than normal. This is also a solution for wheelchair users.


“Prestop has a good reputation and has helped us find the right solution. Thanks to the design of the outdoor kiosk, we can use it 365 days a year, in all weather conditions.”
Peter de Hullu - Marketing & Sales Manager at Madurodam

Prestop outdoor kiosks for Madurodam

Case study Madurodam

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Day to day operations.

On sunny days, the high brightness touchscreen (1600 Nits) ensures that the image is clearly visible. An RFID reader and speakers are built into the front of the kiosk. The RFID reader scans the pass and activates the video or quiz on the screen and with the speakers the sound of the videos is clearly audible. The outdoor kiosk is protected against corrosion by an extra primer.

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