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Custom interactive mirrors

Interactive mirrors have been used in fitting rooms for some time now. However, Prestop also makes custom mirrors for other applications such as hotel lobbies and rooms, elevators, fitness centers, clubs, etc. We fit specially tempered mirror glass-specific monitors and touch foil for the mirrors. The mirrors are provided with touch foil in our cleanroom.

Our industrial designers often design the housings and suspensions with an architect or interior designer. Of course, a mirror can also be combined with other products. For example, in our experience center, you can view a solution in which we have combined a mirror with a 23" long stretched touchscreen and RFID readers.


ZOA supports people who suffer from wars or natural disasters. They provide emergency aid and help rebuild an existence so that victims can live in peace and dignity in their communities.

With Prestop's interactive mirrors, she wanted to create awareness among visitors by telling stories of victims while users could look themselves in the eyes.


Our innovation team has built a mirror containing a 32" screen. On the inside; we provided the glass with touch foil and a window speaker. As an experiment, we combined this mirror with a 23" long stretched touchscreen. This screen is incorporated in a housing in which NFC readers are processed.


The application is set up so users can retrieve information via the touchscreen. However, by lifting one of the boxes with an NFC tag, specific content about a watch appears on the screen. Users can also interactively control this information, such as starting a video. The sound can be heard over the entire mirror due to the application of a window speaker.

TW Steel Interactive Mirror

TW Steel Interactive Mirror

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