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Check out our cases and be inspired! 

Prestop works continuously on developing innovative, interactive, high-end touch solutions. Interactive solutions we are proud of! Check out some cases below and be inspired!

Shopping and ordering.

The boundary between online and offline shopping is blurring thanks to touchscreens. Concepts like the "endless aisle" or the "endless shelf" emerge. Retailers do not have their entire stock on-premises; consumers can easily order and pay for it via a touchscreen. The touchscreen is an invaluable source of information provision for any retailer. Children can also be entertained. After all, they're used to playing games on a tablet. Kids will be happy as anything with the in-store touch tables. 

Order kiosks can create a digital point of sale in the store. As such, ANWB needn't decline in-store sales, and at Domino's, personnel can be deployed in the kitchen rather than behind the tills. Order numbers increase at both ANWB and McDonald's. Order kiosks can be used for promotions and information via a link to a barcode reader.

Digital showroom.

In-store browsers who don't buy there and then? "Showrooming" can no longer be excluded but can be avoided by creating a purchase impulse. By interactively running through the range on offer with the customer at a digital point of sale, follow-up can be provided to the purchase impulse, transforming a browsing customer into a purchasing one. The shopper becomes a buyer in a single touch.

Digital showroom Prestop

Digital showroom as a point of sale


With our shop-in-shop solutions, you can create your own brand environment at any retail location. Let customers determine for themselves what they wish to see. Offer them the option to browse, configure and order products via the touchscreen. Paying? That's easy via our payment solutions on the order kiosk. Transform those precious square meters into a genuine customer experience. With our DMX and KNX integration, you can merge the physical world with the digital world. On-screen interaction can generate a physical experience of light, sound, and scent. Lights out, spotlights on. The customer is in a theatre, playing the lead role. 

With our products, you create the right environment to generate increased turnover. The multi-touch software revolves like a digital store window, on stretched displays, order kiosks, 4K large format screens, and touch tables. With our solutions, the boundary between online and offline no longer exists, with the customer standing in an other-worldly place. A simple presentation of your webshop on the store floor means you are introducing an endless shelf of products. It's just a question of searching, deciding, and buying.


Shop-in-shop solutions for all locations

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