Information kiosks ensure more orders at Van Westen.

Van Westen is a store specializing in men's fashion. The store has various shop-in-shop concepts from major brands. In addition to the store they have a webshop where the customers can choose out of the complete collection, which is only available online.

How they came into contact with Prestop

Johan van Westen, CEO Van Westen, says: "Our first contact with Prestop was at a trade show in the Netherlands. On the way out, we were happy to see Prestop's touchscreens. They were also on that trade show, where we found the solution to our problem. "

Point at issue

"We mainly wanted information kiosks that can be used to access the webshop, furthermore it was important for us that customers could get information about the store on the kiosk. Things like promotions and information about our company. In addition, also a piece of entertainment would be great", said Johan van Westen.

Prestop's solution.

"Prestop has fulfilled our wishes well and really contributed their ideas. Thanks to the information kiosks, we no longer sell no to our customers, because we can directly view our stock on the web via the webshop kiosks. Customers can order and pay directly in the store and choose to deliver or pick up: the kiosk itself has become a nice piece of customization, because our store is decorated in retro style and we wanted a housing for the kiosk that is in the same atmosphere. Fantastic!"


"Prestop makes it possible for us to implement our online and offline strategy. For us it is a big improvement."
Johan van Westen - Van Westen mannen

Van Westen information kiosk

Van Westen information kiosk

Day to day operations.

"We mainly use the information kiosks for our webshop. However, multifunctionality is a good addition: customers can watch videos about the store, view the history of our company, request all sorts of information and play a puzzle games", says Johan van Westen. "The contact with Prestop is great, we have also followed two training courses with them so that we can exchange content ourselves. I am convinced that we can get more out of this solution, but our first need has been met, that was the offline integration of our online world."

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