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Customers of Berden Mode can now also place orders via order kiosks.

Berden Mode is a Dutch family run concern with fashion,  home & living stores and warehouses in the higher segment. Berden Mode supplies products to popular brands. In the stores the emphasis rests on a genuine shopping experience. 

How they came into contact with Prestop

Niels Schouten is e-commerce Manager at Berden Mode.  He explains: "to serve our customers even better, and to not have to decline sales, we devised a plan to introduce in-store order kiosks.  The information kiosks provide access to the entire stock across all branches.  Customers can enter orders, after which the items are delivered to their home address at no extra charge.  We had a little experience in using kiosks and looked online for a provider who could implement our plan.  That's how we ended up joining forces with Prestop."

Point at issue

Berden Mode asked Prestop to come up with an order kiosk that could display store stock levels via a web solution. Schouten: "Key here was our ability to scan items using the kiosk in order to immediately see the item in question via the web shop, using its bar code."

Prestop's solution.

Prestop's standard order kiosk was an easy choice.  "Prestop also supplied the software, in the form of SiteKiosk.  A tool within which our website and relevant details only are displayed, and where the user stays within the order environment."


"Prestop's approach is professional, client-oriented and highly assured with a personal touch."
Niels Schouten - Berden Mode

Berden Mode order kiosk Prestop

Berden Mode order kiosk

Day to day operations.

Berden Mode started with 4 order kiosks with a 22" touchscreen, supplemented with 9 at a later date.  "With 13 order kiosks in the stores we have created an optimum situation in which we can rapidly provide accurate information to our customers.  At present the order kiosks are by the tills, and are linked to them.  They are currently operated by our team, to be of service to our customers.  We are now looking at how the order kiosks can be more prominently placed in the stores", says Schouten.  "Using them is still a relatively new concept for our stores.  However, we can already see that large branches that have higher stock levels have less need for the order kiosks.  Yet, the stores with smaller stock levels intensively use the option to access the bigger stores' stock levels.  That's logical. We are delighted with the order kiosks."

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