Digital window display and order kiosks for Boots pharmacy in Utrecht.

Customers head to Boots pharmacy in Utrecht for prescriptions, self-care medication and vitamins. In addition, Boots pharmacy in Utrecht has a wide and exclusive range of premium brand skin and body care products on sale. For Boots it is vital that the customer is properly informed and promptly assisted. To underpin this concept, Prestop's interactive solutions were opted for.

How they came into contact with Prestop

Initial contact with Prestop was made by Boots at a trade show. When the hunt subsequently started for interactive solutions to link up Click and Bricks for the Utrecht-based pharmacy, Prestop was approached and its Interactive Experience Center visited.

Point at issue

Proposal Yvonne Matthijsse, Brand Manager at Boots: "We sought a solution to integrate our online activities on the physical store floor, the Click and Bricks concept." This is an increasingly common phenomenon within retail that in essence entails an endless store shelf.  In the store the customer can use the complete product range on offer using an online touch solution followed by immediate payment. "So that also required an integrated payment option", explains Yvonne Matthijsse. 

Prestop's solution.

Prestop supplied Boots with an order kiosk with a pin code upon which the web shop can be displayed. There and then the customer can fill their digital shopping cart and settle up immediately, thanks to the integrated payment option. Further to the prompt and accurate information provision concept, Boots decided to buy an additional 4 interactive touchscreens from Prestop that help customers quickly and easily access their requested info.


"Right from the off, up till implementation, it was obvious Prestop is a company brimming with common sense. They keep their promises, think along proactively and creatively in operational solutions and they seek a solution that is feasible and meets expectations. No hidden surprises, and clear communication in regard to expectations."
Marc van der Heijdt - Alliance Healthcare / Boots

Boots order kiosk Prestop

Boots order kiosk

Day to day operations.

Yvonne Matthijsse on using the solutions: "The touchscreens lend the pharmacy a contemporary image. The digital window display ensures the pharmacy is effectively visible at nighttime too. The screens offer us the opportunity to professionally present our brands and campaigns to our customers. The screen in the beauty corner also serves as a presentation screen. That is hugely practical in e.g. facilitating training sessions or corporate visits."

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