Custom software and content.

At Prestop, the Creations department provides what the client can't. If the client provides an application but the content isn't up to scratch, don't worry! Creations will make sure that everything sent to the client is complete and works perfectly. We can also arrange content for total solutions, including a user-friendly interface. A good example of this can be seen in the order kiosk Prestop created for ANWB, including a cash machine linked to the kiosk. Creations also uses Omnitapps multi-touch software, but is also happy to collaborate with other software companies (on the client's behalf). Testing and assessing the software together comes first. We speak the same language as the software developer, and can work with a project or to supplement one, where needed. We have expertise in Android, IOS, Windows and Chrome, and can ensure that your software works perfectly.

Touch applications

We'd love to tell you more about touch applications, interactive presentations and custom software.
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API linking

We can use an API to create a link between an existing database and a touch application.
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Content creation

We create content for touch applications and ensure the interface is user-friendly.
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Omnitapps Composer

Omnitapps is a multi-touch software package that our software developers keep on developing. So our clients can use existing content such as photos, videos and PDFs that can be used to quickly put together an interactive presentation or application.
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Omnitapps wayfinding

Omnitapps Wayfinding is an easy way to guide your visitors to a site, shop, trade show or business location.
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Let your clients and colleagues safely use the internet through a web browser on an information kiosk or touchscreen!
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Some work from our Creations department:


Droogdok Jan Blanken interactive presentation

Heineken Custom Software Omnitapps

Heineken Experience custom software

Halli Galli games

Halli Galli multi-touch games

Vincentre interactive presentation

ASML custom software

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Interactive Experience Center.

You are always welcome at Europe's largest Interactive Experience Center. Over 60 interactive solutions are there to be examined and tested. Our product managers and advisers are ready to meet you and to offer you a solution. The Interactive Experience Center is on Ekkersrijt 4611, Son en Breugel and can be visited outwith normal opening hours by appointment.


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