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Prestop present at four-year anniversary of Boba Supply

Boba Supply remains committed to supporting the hospitality industry with progressive solutions that address the needs of the modern business owner.

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Double-sided order kiosk for Maddey's from De Nagelkerkjes in Roosendaal

Beautifully and prominently stickered, customers can use both sides to completely assemble and order their own ice cream. Ideal for busy days!

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Self-service kiosks in retail: More than shop-in-shop

Staying ahead of the curve is essential in the retail landscape. Prestop explains how self-service kiosks give you a competitive edge!

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Video: Alexander Aelberts presents innovative self-service solutions from Prestop at EuroCIS

Discover Prestop's self-service solutions, presented at EuroCIS by Alexander Aelberts. Transform your retail experience!

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Prestop present at Franchise+ Fair April 12 and 13 in Utrecht, the Netherlands

We present our order kiosks to franchises and franchisees in the Netherlands to help them upsell and cross-sell and help with staff shortages.

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Day One at Domino's Australia and New Zealand

Prestop introduced its order kiosks at the Domino's Pizza Rally for Australia and New Zealand

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Last day EuroCIS arrived, crowded retail fair a success

Visit us on the last day, where we present the most advanced and high-quality order kiosks for retail.

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A successful Data Insights Event with inspiring guest speakers

Together with Jamezz, Mollie and Piggy, we have had the pleasure of hosting dozens of hospitality entrepreneurs.

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A revolution: the Kiosk Evolution 32-inch LED!

Give your customers a new interactive experience with a prestop ordering kiosk. Sleek edge-to-edge design.

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Embracing the future of Quick-Service Restaurants: Millennials and Gen Zers propel the rise of Self-Order Kiosks

A substantial segment of consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Zers, are leaning towards the convenience and autonomy offered by self-order kiosks.

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The Slim 22P and 22P LED: sleek, new and eye-catching

Two brand new additions to our range offer you streamlined kiosks that are elegant and eye-catching.

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Benefits of order kiosks for halal butcher Kaddour in Utrecht

Discover at Kaddour's Halal Butchery: Traditional craftsmanship with advanced ordering kiosks for an effortless experience.

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This cafeteria's renewed focus: convenience and service for customers

The Frietketel has made a shift toward better customer service with the introduction of their new Prestop counter Evolution LED self-service kiosk.

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Surinamese cuisine at Warung Mini XL now lets customers order easily through a counter self-service kiosk

In Berkel en Rodenrijs, Prestop installed a 22" LED counter self-service kiosk in the to-go.

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SooTea Amsterdam reopens with self-service kiosks from Prestop

Grab & Go café in downtown Amsterdam has recently reopened and offers delicious bubble tea, easily ordered from our kiosks!

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Optimize efficiency at Self-Service Kiosks: A perspective from Prestop

Optimize customer convenience with self-service kiosks from Prestop! Real-time insights, reliability and customized solutions. Discover it now!

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Bounce Valley Aalsmeer introduces new self-service kiosks for snacks and fries

Ordering snacks and fries during a (children's) party at Bounce Valley Aalsmeer is now possible via Prestop's two self-service kiosks.

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Remo Fashion holds trade show action with rented Prestop kiosk

Visitors to the booth could get 10% off and free shipping when ordering during the show!

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Scoop! Eeetwell first to have double-sided Evolution Self-Service Kiosks

The self service kiosks can be found in the Wijnegem Shopping Center in Belgium, four ordering points on two kiosks!

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Municipality of Beek rents kiosk with Omnitapps for Safe Living pop-up store

To teach in an interactive, playful way how to live safely in Beek, the Netherlands, the municipality had rented a 55-inch Prestop kiosk with Omnitapps.

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YoYo Fresh Tea Bar Almere opened with counter self-service kiosks

After Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht, the Almere location recently opened, with three counter self-service kiosks.

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