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Double-sided order kiosk for Maddey's from De Nagelkerkjes in Roosendaal

The influencer family De Nagelkerkjes has added a new feature to their ice cream parlor, Maddey's. They have installed an advanced double-sided 32-inch Luminant order kiosk on wheels, supplied by Prestop. This order kiosk is completely themed to match the ice cream parlor, with cheery pink stickers and a pink LED strip on the side. Prestop's kiosks aim to enhance the ordering process and improve customer satisfaction, especially on busy days.

Double-sided Luminant order kiosk for indoor and outdoor use on busy days

Prestop's Luminant order kiosk is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The double-sided configuration means customers can place orders from both sides, reducing wait times. One side of the kiosk has a 27-inch screen, and the other a 32-inch screen with high brightness. The casters make it easy for the kiosk to move from inside to outside, thanks in part to the built-in ventilation. The pink LED strip and stickers make it an attractive addition to the ice cream parlor.

Alleviating workload on busy days and spreading customers

The De Nagelkerkjes, an influencer family, specifically purchased the kiosk for busy days. It helps manage long queues by allowing them to start outside and preventing overcrowding in the store. This helps the ice cream scoopers concentrate on making the right ice creams and providing better customer service. According to our interview with Ice Cream Parlor Lorenzo, the kiosk enables better customer service and smoother operations.

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Ice cream ordering kiosk benefits for customers

Independent orders

Customers can browse the menu at their own pace and customize their orders as they wish. This increases satisfaction because customers have more control over their choices.

Fewer errors

Because customers enter their own orders, errors are minimized. This ensures a more accurate and efficient ordering process through the Jamezz ordering software.

Expected higher sales

The introduction of the order kiosk at Maddey's Roosendaal is also expected to have a positive impact on sales. The more efficient service will allow more customers to be served in a shorter time. Moreover, customers can more easily choose extras and additions, which can lead to higher average orders. The enticing on-screen presentation can also encourage impulse purchases, contributing to higher overall sales.

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Why Prestop?

Experience and expertise

Prestop has years of experience in providing innovative self-service solutions for various industries. Their expertise ensures that each order kiosk is not only functional, but can also be fully customized to the specific needs and requirements of the customer.

Quality and reliability

Prestop's products are known for their high quality and reliability. This guarantees that the order kiosks last a long time and can withstand intensive use, which is essential in busy ice cream parlors such as Maddey's Roosendaal.

Customer-specific solutions

Prestop offers customized solutions that perfectly match the ice cream parlor's branding and theme. The pink sticker and LED strip at Maddey's Roosendaal are examples of how Prestop personalizes their products to meet the unique requirements of their customers.

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Implementation at Maddey's Roosendaal

The implementation of the order kiosk at Maddey's Roosendaal went smoothly. The kiosk was strategically placed in a highly visible location with easy access to power points. The eye-catching design and clear instructions on the home screen make it easy for customers to use the kiosk.


Installing the Luminant order kiosk at Maddey's Roosendaal by Prestop is a successful step in increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing the ordering process. This modern technology allows customers to enjoy a more efficient and personalized experience at the ice cream parlor. Moreover, Maddey's Roosendaal expects an increase in sales thanks to improved service and customer convenience.

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