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Benefits of order kiosks for halal butcher Kaddour in Utrecht

Halal butcher Kaddour, a well-known provider of traditional flavors and high-quality halal meat products in Utrecht, has enhanced its service by installing two Prestop Evolution counter self-service kiosks with stunning LED edges. This innovative addition has not only made the ordering process more efficient, but has also contributed to a more refined shopping experience for their loyal customers.

With the launch of these state-of-the-art order kiosks, Kaddour's Butchery highlights its commitment to customer convenience and an enhanced shopping experience. The benefits of the Prestop counter order kiosks are evident:

1. Efficiency increased: Customers can now place their orders quickly and easily, making wait times a thing of the past.

2. Self-service and convenience: A user-friendly interface from our partner Jamezz allows customers to order at their own pace while comfortably viewing the available selection.

3. Increased sales: Order kiosks offer upsell and cross-sell opportunities, encouraging customers to add additional items to their order, resulting in a higher average order value.

halal butcher self-service kiosk Prestop

Takeaway screens for efficient service

Kaddour's Halal Butchery has entered a new era of efficient service by adding pickup screens. This innovative addition enables customers to easily track and pick up orders, providing a smooth and streamlined experience. By increasing transparency and convenience, customers can pick up their orders quickly and hassle-free, leading to higher overall customer satisfaction. With these advanced ordering kiosks, Kaddour's halal butcher shop aims to enhance the shopping experience and bring customer satisfaction to the next level. Customers can now enjoy the traditional quality of their halal meat products with a modern touch, making their visit to the butcher shop even more enjoyable.

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