Evolution Kiosk


This cafeteria's renewed focus: convenience and service for customers

Self-service kiosks are changing the way we enjoy our fries. These innovative machines bring convenience, speed and a personal touch to the ordering process. With an intuitive interface, they offer a smooth and personalized experience, making waiting a thing of the past and making every order perfectly customized. Discover how self-service kiosks are taking the fries experience to the next level at Cafeteria De Frietketel.

Customer convenience

This Prestop counter kiosk was designed with customer convenience in mind. With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface from our partner Jamezz, The Frietketel strives to optimize customers' experience at ordering and checkout.

Service orientation as a priority

A focus on service is central to De Frietketel's philosophy. Introducing the Evolution LED self-service kiosk is a step toward improving customer service. Customers can now order faster and more efficiently, making their experience seamless and enjoyable.

French fry shop cafeteria self-service kiosk ordering kiosk Prestop

Improved efficiency

This innovative approach to self-service contributes to a more efficient process, resulting in shorter wait times and smoother service. The CFrietketel is committed to a smoother customer flow, and improving the overall customer experience.

Future-oriented technology

The choice of the Prestop counter Evolution LED self-service kiosk highlights De Frietketel's vision of future-oriented technology. By investing in advanced solutions, The Frietketel demonstrates its commitment to progress and improved customer service.

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