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Surinamese cuisine at Warung Mini XL now lets customers order easily through a counter self-service kiosk

For 25 years, Warung Mini XL has been a specialist in preparing delicious Surinamese-Javanese dishes. With multiple locations across the country, WMXL offers a tasty journey into the culinary traditions of Suriname and Java. With them, you can easily order online through their website and enjoy their delectable dishes, where authenticity and quality are key! A self-service kiosk has recently been installed on the counter at one of these locations. It takes up little space and offers WMXL several advantages.

LED lighting on the self-service kiosk

Warung Mini XL has a contemporary addition to its counter: a self-service kiosk with a sophisticated LED edge. This lighting was carefully chosen to match the restaurant's signature house colors seamlessly. It provides a functional benefit for their guests and adds a touch of modern elegance to the overall atmosphere.

The LED edge of the self-ordering kiosk is more than just an aesthetic addition. It contributes to an intuitive user experience, attracting attention and enhancing the attractiveness of the kiosk. It contrasts beautifully with its surroundings, making it functional and visually appealing to their visitors.

This thoughtful lighting perfectly fits Warung Mini XL's commitment to a sophisticated and welcoming environment. This subtle yet striking detail makes all the difference in creating a memorable dining experience for their valued guests.

Self-service Kiosk Warung Mini XL Prestop

Prestop hardware with hospitality software by Eatcard: Optimization of ordering experience & revenue growth at Warung Mini XL

Increased revenue is a crucial aspect for any thriving business, and Warung Mini XL has capitalized on this through a smart combination of innovation and customer focus. A significant part of this success is attributed to the advanced software provided by Eatcard, which seamlessly integrates with Prestop hardware to provide a smooth ordering experience for their guests. 

By implementing Eatcard's software, customers can order effortlessly and at their own pace without feeling rushed. This intuitive software not only makes ordering easy but also offers suggestions and additional items in a streamlined manner. As a result, they have found that their guests often add more items to their orders, which has led to an increased average order value.

The software's compatibility with Prestop hardware has been a game-changer for them, as it has allowed them to take advantage of the kiosks' advanced features such as touchscreen technology and efficient order processing. The software's upsell and cross-sell capabilities have significantly contributed to their revenue increase, and they have also noticed an increase in repeat visits from satisfied customers.

In conclusion, Eatcard's software, when combined with Prestop hardware, has provided Warung Mini XL with an efficient and customer-focused solution that has helped them to increase revenue and enhance their guests' experience.


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