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Embracing the future of Quick-Service Restaurants: Millennials and Gen Zers propel the rise of Self-Order Kiosks

A paradigm shift is underway in the ever-evolving landscape of quick-service restaurants (QSRs). The conventional preference for placing orders through human interaction is being reshaped, with a substantial segment of consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Zers, leaning towards the convenience and autonomy offered by self-order kiosks.


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Unveiling consumer insights

According to a recent survey conducted by Revenue Management Solutions LLC, a prominent provider of data-driven solutions for the restaurant industry, insights from nearly 800 U.S. customers shed light on the evolving dynamics of ordering preferences. Contrary to the overarching trend where 41% of the overall population favored human-assisted ordering, a staggering 58% of millennials and an even higher 67% of Gen Zers expressed a distinct preference for self-order kiosks.

The generational divide

Delving deeper into the data reveals a clear generational divide in ordering habits. While only 17% of Baby Boomers and 37% of Gen Xers favored kiosk ordering, the tech-savvy younger generations are significantly more inclined towards this automated approach.


Understanding the appeal of kiosk ordering

self-order kiosks at a QSR

Personalization and control

For 64% of respondents, the ability to customize their orders independently emerged as a primary advantage of kiosk usage. Millennials and Gen Zers, known for their penchant for personalized experiences, find immense value in tailoring their orders to suit their specific preferences.

Reduced ordering pressure

61% of participants highlighted the diminished pressure associated with kiosk ordering. Unlike traditional counter service where customers may feel rushed or judged, the self-paced nature of kiosk interaction allows for a more relaxed and considered decision-making process.

self-order kiosks at a QSR

Extended menu exploration

A notable 57% appreciated the luxury of more time to browse the menu. The interactive nature of kiosks facilitates a comprehensive exploration of available options, ensuring customers make informed choices aligned with their taste preferences.

User-friendly interface

The ease of navigation, cited by 58% of respondents, underscores the user-friendly design of self-order kiosks. Intuitive interfaces provide a seamless and enjoyable ordering experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.

self-order kiosks at a QSR

Order Tracking Convenience

For 53% of participants, the ability to track their orders in real-time on the kiosk screen emerged as a significant benefit. This transparency not only instills confidence in customers but also contributes to operational efficiency.


Family dynamics and kiosk adoption

The survey further revealed an intriguing correlation between household composition and kiosk usage. Households with children displayed a higher propensity to embrace kiosks compared to those without children, suggesting that the ease and efficiency of self-ordering align well with the dynamics of families with varying preferences.


As quick-service restaurants continue to adapt to evolving consumer preferences, the surge in popularity of self-order kiosks, particularly among millennials and Gen Zers, is reshaping the industry. The benefits of personalization, reduced pressure, extended menu exploration, user-friendly interfaces, and order tracking highlight the multifaceted appeal of this technological advancement. QSRs aiming to stay ahead must not only acknowledge but embrace this shift, ensuring that their establishments align with the preferences of the digital-savvy generations driving the future of the dining experience.

Take the next step in revolutionizing your quick-service restaurant and meeting the preferences of the digital-savvy generations that are shaping the future of dining. Invest in the future of QSRs by incorporating self-order kiosks into your establishment.

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