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Omnichannel Shop-in-Shop: what is it and what are its benefits

Monday 22 January 2024

In the dynamic landscape of retail, constant innovation is crucial to meet the changing needs of customers. One pioneering solution that is transforming the retail market is omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosks. Prestop, as a leading manufacturer, is at the center of this revolution, and in this article we discover why their approach is setting the standard.

What are omnichannel shop-in-shop order kiosks?

Omnichannel shop-in-shop order kiosks are integrated systems that help retailers create a seamless online and offline shopping experience for customers. These kiosks act as a connection point between the physical and digital shopping environments, allowing customers to switch between different channels during their shopping journey effortlessly. Bring your online store to the physical store floor. We are happy to demonstrate and explain more in our showroom.


Benefits for retailers

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk Prénatal

Increased efficiency and productivity

The implementation of order kiosks contributes to increased operational efficiency for retailers. This is because transaction processing time is reduced, making the purchasing process faster and more effective. Because customers can place and pay for their orders independently through the order kiosks, waiting time at the checkout is reduced.

As a result, store employees have more time to concentrate on higher value-added tasks. For example, they can pay more attention to customer service, advise on products, or engage in other tasks that improve the overall shopping experience. This not only improves the efficiency of the transaction process but also optimizes the use of staff, making the store run more smoothly and customer-friendly.

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk Betonlook

Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial in retail, where the customer experience determines success. Order kiosks play a major role in a positive shopping experience by responding quickly and accurately to customer needs.

Order kiosks allow customers to make purchases efficiently and quickly. The self-service feature allows customers to store at their own pace and have immediate access to product information and availability. This reduces wait times and provides a streamlined buying experience, exceeding customer expectations.

Instant response to customer needs improves customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the speed and accuracy of their purchases, leading to a positive perception of the store and more repeat visits. Order kiosks thus become a valuable tool to increase overall customer satisfaction and leave a positive impression on consumers.

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk Paardekooper

Enhanced inventory management

Prestop's order kiosks provide retailers with advanced real-time inventory management tools, allowing them to check product availability and effectively reduce shortages instantly.

Integrated inventory management functionality allows retailers to access their product inventory's current status quickly. This real-time visibility enables quick reactions to changes in demand and allows retailers to take immediate action to replenish shortages.

These advanced tools contribute to a more efficient inventory management process, allowing retailers to optimize their inventory better. Reducing shortages prevents customer disappointment and improves overall operational efficiency and the retailer's ability to meet customer demand. The result is streamlined inventory management that improves customer satisfaction and business performance.

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk Welkoop

Being able to offer long-tail

Prestop's ordering kiosks offer retailers the ability to offer "long tail" products, which refers to items that are available online but not physically in-store. This feature not only increases the diversity of offerings, but also meets specific customer needs without placing additional pressure on physical store space.

This approach creates a win-win situation for both customers and retailers. Customers benefit from a comprehensive catalog of diverse products, even those that are not always on the store floor. At the same time, retailers can offer niche products without expanding their physical inventory, allowing them to diversify their assortment without space constraints. This creates a profitable situation where both customers and retailers see their specific needs met, contributing to enhanced customer loyalty and improved sales results.


Benefits for customers

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk ANWB

Seamless shopping experience

Thanks to a smart omnichannel strategy, customers experience a smooth transition between online and offline shopping. They have the freedom to make purchases in a variety of ways depending on their preferences and needs. The line between physical and digital shopping environments blurs, allowing customers to switch effortlessly. This flexibility strengthens the bond between retailer and customer, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. An effective omnichannel strategy provides a multifaceted and personalized shopping experience where customers control how and where they want to make their purchases.

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk Deichmann VanHaren

Personalized services

Order kiosks enrich the shopping experience by allowing retailers to provide personalized offers based on previous purchase history. This personalized approach creates a unique and engaging shopping experience, with customers receiving specific offers matching their preferences. This not only promotes store appeal but also encourages loyalty and repeat purchases. Order kiosks are thus a powerful tool for strengthening the relationship between retailer and customer and improving the overall attractiveness of the store.

Omnichannel shop-in-shop ordering kiosk Bijenkorf

Convenience and time savings

Thanks to Prestop's order kiosks, shopping is efficient and fast for customers. They can select, order and pay for products with ease, saving valuable time. The intuitive interface speeds up the purchase process and contributes to a positive shopping experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits. Prestop's order kiosks optimize the shopping experience by combining time efficiency with a seamless ordering process.


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Prestop's role as a manufacturer

Prestop has established itself as a leading manufacturer of omnichannel shop-in-shop order kiosks, with a focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to advanced solutions has earned us a prominent position in the market.

Features of Prestop's ordering kiosks

Prestop's order kiosks stand out from the competition because, as the manufacturer, we can make the kiosk completely to your specifications. Custom design for a standard price. Different colors, signage screens on top, printers, scanners, pin terminal, trays for someone's handbag.... all can be built in and on by us to our standard models. We can also make a completely new product for you if you want one styled.

Case studies and success stories

Several retailers have successfully implemented Prestop's order kiosks, improving sales, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The positive results reflect the impact on the performance and growth of retailers in various sectors. For example, we have delivered shop-in-shop solutions to the Bijenkorf, Prénatal Netherlands and ItalyPaardekooperANWBBetonlookVoetbalshop.nlKappé and Deichmann/vanHaren, among others.

Integration with E-commerce platforms and POS systems

Prestop's order kiosks integrate seamlessly with various e-commerce platforms, giving retailers a consolidated view of both online and offline transactions. This synergy improves the overall efficiency of retail management.

Prestop is happy to help you with this; with 30 years of experience, we are your party for kiosk software and hardware!


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